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Digiphy: Bridging Brands and Consumers with Scalable Engagement

What Digiphy does

Digiphy connects the physical and digital world, turning product packages into immersive digital storytelling experiences activated by QR codes. Their mission is to meet consumer’s demand for more helpful and trustworthy product information beyond what’s available on the label and the shelf.

The Current Landscape

Connected Packaging is on the Rise: Brands are increasingly focusing on omnichannel sales, yet a significant portion of their revenue still comes from retail channels. To engage consumers directly, collect valuable customer data, boost sales, and convey their brand story and values, brands need a strategy to activate their packaging with digital experiences. Standing out on retail shelves has become essential, and connecting with consumers in marketing dark zones - at home and in-stores is crucial.

Retail Transformation: The retail industry is undergoing a significant transformation. The transition from the traditional 1D UPC barcodes to the more versatile 2D barcode, also known as QR codes, is reshaping retail and consumer engagement. The UPC revolutionized retail decades ago, improving checkout speed, transaction accuracy, and sales monitoring. Now, 2D barcodes are poised to revolutionize it again by offering advantages such as enhanced inventory management, recall readiness, sustainability, product authentication, and brand trust. We’re also coming off the heels of QS1’s mandate around replacing barcodes with QR codes by 2027!

Digiphy is the technology to enable this transformation for consumer engagement, merging immersive digital experiences from the connected package and retail shelf.

Company Birth Story

Digiphy emerged from the vision of digitizing the last frontier: product packaging. Sarah Ellebogen, Co-founder and CEO, with 14 years of experience at Google, understood the challenges brands face in reaching customers. With 95% of sales happening through retail and e-tail, third-party intermediaries obscure brand-customer relationships.

Capitalizing on the rise of QR codes due to Covid and the no-code software trend, Digiphy connected QR to a flexible, mobile-first page builder with traceability marketing integrations and robust analytics, creating an always-on marketing channel from physical assets. This allows companies to maximize existing brand owned real-estate, on packaging and in-store assets, respecting privacy regulations while fostering customer engagement.

Beyond marketing and commerce, Digiphy saw a massive change in consumer behavior that they wanted to address. Customers are prioritizing good-for-people and good-for-planet food items and local products- but with greenwashing so high, most customers have no way to verify claims or see product traceability. Digiphy’s co-founders launched a seafood company called Niceland Seafood with full pull-to-plate QR-traceability on every product, which was the first customer of Digiphy and is what helped catapult the idea as a solution for companies at large.

In an era of privacy changes and shifting marketing landscapes, Digiphy offers a direct communication channel from physical products and touchpoints, capturing permissioned customer data, driving sales, loyalty, and engagement.

Digiphy empowers brands to forge direct connections, transparently share their stories, and provide product traceability, transforming static packaging into an immersive marketing channel, enhancing sales, data collection, and engagement.

The Solution

Consumers today are making healthier and more eco-friendly purchasing decisions, and brands that meet these consumer expectations gain trust, loyalty, and sales. Digiphy helps brands achieve this goal by giving consumers easy access to their company’s values and insights, sharing ingredients, sustainable practices, and traceability, while also providing useful and relevant content - recipes, benefits, offers, tips, and more. They’re driving adoption of Digiphy for when barcodes are fully replaced by 2D Barcodes, aka QR codes by 2027 as mandated by GS1, the non-profit organization that controls the UPC codes.

Digiphy’s tools help brands build consumer trust at relevant moments during the consumer's journey, whether that be in-store during the discovery phase or at home after making a purchase. Their connected packaging tools educate consumers on a product's origin and supply chain, benefits, claims, and methods of use, and make it easy for consumers to buy directly from the brand. This storytelling feature is where Digiphy stands apart from other companies that narrowly focus on QR codes as a means for advertising and promotions, connecting to a company's website that is static, not contextual, and not optimized for mobile or where the customer is at that moment.

Digiphy leads in delivering dynamic data and immersive storytelling for every product and package. With product traceability and 3rd party verification data accessible to consumers, we empower brands to authenticate and share relevant product info. These tools enable brands to convey their story, verify authenticity, and promote sustainability.

A Customer Story

  • True Story Foods, A California based better for you meat company, added Digiphy to all of their packages to authentically share their brand story - how they raise their animals, ingredients, values, and ensure customers can easily access recipes and product uses. They wanted a way to communicate and engage consumers directly. They’re seeing a 12% email capture rate which is considerably higher to a 1-2% digital advertising and a 60% engagement rate.

  • Consumers can access a digital experience like this with a scan of a QR code on True Story’s products.

  • “Digiphy allows us to capture customer emails and other key data to help drive future sales and ensure we can communicate with consumers at home and in-stores.”

A founder quote

Digiphy revolutionizes brand-consumer engagement. Our scalable technology serves small businesses to enterprises, enabling customization for unique needs. Our platform is built to be scalable, creating and managing hundreds to thousands of QR codes and digital experiences. Consumer goods and product companies can build pages in minutes, easily update content, and streamline consumer engagement and data capture to communicate with consumers from every product and physical marketing asset.

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