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Demesmin and Dover is Redefining the Modern Attorney

What the company does?

Demesmin and Dover law firm is a personal injury firm that is disrupting the personal injury field. They specialise in all things accidents, slip & fall, medical malpractice, spam texting, and nursing home abuse. They have taken the normal personal injury law firm culture, marketing, and work environment and shifted it into something more modern and fun.

The Current Landscape

It’s common knowledge that in Florida, the personal injury field is flooded with attorneys, but the partners knew they wanted to be different. They said out with the strictly business approach and moved towards a more personal approach, treating each client as if they were part of their own family. So much so that many still drop by just to say hello or grab lunch. These are all important aspects of what helped the business to grow because, for Victor and Jeremy, relationships are everything.

For both Victor and Jeremy, relationships also matter internally. The two have created an environment that thrives off motivation and friendship. Everyone in the office not only helps each other out, but they are also all good friends. Not one individual in the office feels unappreciated because that is one pillar the partners founded the business on. The company gives its team members cakes on their birthday, presents on their year anniversaries, and celebrates quarterly goals with a team building excursions.

Company Birth Story

The company was started in November 2019 with just the two founding partners, Jeremy Dover and Victor Demesmin Jr on staff. Because the business was started just before the pandemic, the two partners faced some challenges. Yet they both pushed through and built a firm that has now outgrown two office buildings and expanded into other parts of Florida beyond Fort Lauderdale. The continued growth of the company has a lot to do with the culture which the company has cultivated which is unlike most legal firms.

The Solution

The law firm is expanding and continued growth, and success for all is the goal. Jeremy Dover says a big part of that success has to do with appreciating your team. He said, “Appreciate your people and success will follow. It takes a village to build a business, so make sure those supporting you know how appreciative you are of their hard work and dedication.” Victor Demesmin Jr. agreed and added to that comment by saying, “It’s also important to never forget where you came from. Supporting the community that built you is a factor we hold dear to us in our ‘We Care More’ initiative.”

Their slogan ‘We Care More’ is more than just saying, the company uses it to encompass the ideals they support. So whether it is a walkathon for breast cancer, a concert supporting ocean conservation efforts, or a Hatian independence day festival, they will be out there showing support. The uniqueness of the events they sponsor or partner with has to do with them being able to engage with the community and give a voice to the voiceless.

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