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What Customers AI does is a website visitor identification platform that helps businesses expand and grow top-of-the-funnel leads, nurture and engage prospects, and drive revenue through better targeting with visitor identification, B2C & B2B prospecting data, and AI-powered remarketing.

The Current Landscape

The advertising landscape is seeing huge shifts (third-party cookie deprecation, iOS privacy updates, and Google’s new email spam rules) that are impacting attribution, performance, and overall marketing strategies. With more and more limitations being put on advertisers, businesses are now being forced to focus on first-party data and rethink how they reach their audience.

In addition to these shifts, technology can’t keep up. Other identity resolution and attribution tools are relying on outdated tactics like reverse IP lookup and account-based data, which no longer works.

Company Birth Story

As the founder of WordStream, Larry Kim managed around a billion dollars in annual ad spend. But over time, he found a critical gap: the traditional ad spend model was not effectively serving businesses.

Companies were spending way too much money on paid advertising and not seeing an efficient return, Google and Meta prioritized profits over performance, costs were skyrocketing, and it became difficult to reach the right people.

Larry was inspired to change this. He was inspired to innovate in the field of lead generation. Thus, was born.

The Solution knows that website visitors are a business’s hottest prospects. The problem is, 97% of those visitors are anonymous. The website visitor identification tool solves for that. Their tool helps collect and identify who these people are, offering businesses more insights into who is visiting their site and creating better targeting capabilities.

Along with visitor identification, offers B2B & B2C data enrichment, giving marketing and sales teams the ability to enrich website visitor data with consumer or company contact data for targeting and AI personalization. helps companies grow email and retargeting lists, engage prospects with AI-powered personalization, and convert visitors into sales.

Other capabilities include email deliverability tools, generative AI for tailored emails, ESP & CRM integrations, email automation builder, and more.

A Customer Story

A Health & Wellness ecommerce brand used to learn who was visiting product pages, build more complete remarketing and lookalike ad audiences, and sell 17.5X ROI in products directly attributed to

A founder quote

“The only constant in marketing is change. So here's to innovation and success in the digital marketing world!” - Larry Kim

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