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ColdCALR: Using AI to Revolutionize the $97 Billion-a-Year Sales Training Industry

What ColdCALR does

ColdCALR integrates cutting-edge AI to personalize and enhance sales training, providing real-time, tailored feedback and role-play scenarios that upend traditional methods, making sales training more efficient and effective.

The Current Landscape

The sales training industry is ripe with conventional techniques but lacks innovation. Generalized sales training often focuses on technical principles but rarely offers individuals the ability to practice and hone these techniques. ColdCALR stands out by not only implementing these techniques but also allowing sales professionals the ability to test and train with our integrated AI language models which not only role play, allowing users to improve their sales skills, but also offer enhanced real-time feedback and even generate custom scripts for individuals' future sales calls.

Company Birth Story

ColdCALR was born from a realtor's vision to bridge the gap between theoretical training and practical application, utilizing AI to simulate real-world sales interactions for enhanced learning.

The Solution

ColdCALR is developing a platform that adapts to each user's style and unique needs. ColdCALR uses AI to provide dynamic real time role playing for sales professionals, and then offers tailored suggestions and even customized sales scripts to help improve future sales calls, customer interactions and increase conversion rates.

This personalization sets it apart from competitors. Its success lies in users reporting accelerated skill acquisition and confidence in sales calls. The vision is to become the gold standard in AI-driven sales training globally.

A Customer Story

‘Louis’ an early power user and real estate agent just begin his journey, leveraged ColdCALR's AI scenarios to refine his pitching techniques, resulting in a 20% increase in closed deals within just two months of practice and even beat out a handful of older, more seasoned professionals in a sales negotiating exercise during a demo.

The Team Culture

The core team, founder led, comprises sales vets, tech development, marketing and customer success specialists. They value innovation, user feedback, and continuous improvement.

A founder quote

“Everyone you have ever wanted to meet is just a single phone call away.” Ray Cantu ColdCALR Founder

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