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Cleanlots transforms picking up trash into a money maker

What is Cleanlots?

Cleanlots is a litter cleanup service on-foot with a unique tool outside commercial properties for real estate management companies. It's almost as easy to do as going for a walk. Brian, creator of Cleanlots, shares his 40 years experience teaching others across the country how to do the same, as well as offer free support.

The current littering problem

People have always littered. They drop their used cups, cans, bottles, fast food wrappers and cigarette butts everywhere but particularly outside commercial properties. Add used PPE to the mix and it's a mess that non one wants to see. Property management companies need to maintain their properties litter free because their tenants, shoppers and surrounding community expects them to.

Why Cleanlots was created

Brian grew his green business that he started in 1981 from a side hustle into a successful business that he still operates today. Brian started with little money, skills and education but plenty of passion, patience and persistence. He shares his success with others in his book, Cleanlots - America's Simplest Business.

Customer story

Brian has assisted many others on how to start and operate this simple service based from home. Shaun C says “Brian’s passion and expertise in the litter clean up business is second to none. He is a top-notch business minded professional focused on helping others achieve their goals and objectives through his straightforward and easy to ready operations manual (Cleanlots). It’s in large part due to Brian’s support that I can say that within the first 30 days of having the manual I was able to land my first client which translated into five lots! I highly recommend Brian and Cleanlots to anyone that is looking to launch a simple, low cost, and profitable business.”

The team culture

Brian loves what the company does and so do the crew that help him clean up around his city. They all enjoy seeing the results from their work, getting a sense of satisfaction knowing they are making a positive change in their community and enjoying making money while going for early morning walks.

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Brian Winch
Brian Winch
Oct 11, 2021

Thanks for sharing my story! I offer free support to anyone who decides to provide this environmental service in their city starting with my book Cleanlots-America's Simplest Business.


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