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Carlina Shotwell, A Former Foster Youth turned Life Skills Educator

What Carlina Shotwell does

Carlina Shotwell is former foster youth turned entrepreneur, public speaker, foster youth advocate, and a Life Skills Educator.

The Current Landscape

Despite facing adversity, Carlina persevered to build a reputation in the industry through developing high-quality curriculum and workbooks as well as building a safe and genuine connection with community members.

Company Birth Story

Carlina’s experience and challenges in the foster care system is her main reason to develop an innovative tool and resources for foster youth. She uis determined to assist foster youth who are transitioning to adulthood through her workbook, Empower Yourself: Life Skills Curriculum Workbook, which consists of resources, activities, and guides to have better decision-making, resiliency, and personal growth.

The Solution

Carlina envisions a world where foster children and foster youth are given accessible opportunities and equitable resources. Her transformative curriculum and workbooks aim to guide the foster youth, ages 14-21 years old, to have essential life skills and prepare them for real-life situations while they transition into adulthood and independence.

A founder quote

The story of our foster youth doesn’t end when they leave the system. We have to continuously support and guide them by providing them a sustainable life skills education.

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