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Bondit: Community Management Made as Fun as Never

What Bondit does

Bondit is a community management platform intended to increase community engagement with gamification engine.

It is a fully gamified platform empowering community managers with an intuitive yet comprehensive analytical dashboard and offering a range of engaging features for community members, with a dynamic and fun space to belong and influence.

The Current Landscape

Once, people used to live in tribes - small bands of survival - focused folks. As eras passed, they grew into organized groups, then nations connected by shared goals.

Now they are called Communities.

Today's communities are a hybrid of online and offline spaces where people work, chill, and dream together, connected with shared interests and values. Nowadays online communities are mainly built on Discord, X, and Telegram, yet their missions are slightly different.

These platforms miss:

  • Tools to create a sense of community

  • Tools to keep members engaged

  • Tools to collect enough data to tailor their community strategy

  • Tools to allow members to participate and belong

  • Tools to allow members to influence and contribute

  • Tools to allow community managers to educate their members about the bond Tools to allow community managers to reward and appreciate their members

Based on hundreds of calls with community managers, the Bondit team found that low engagement is the top reason for high churn rates. Existing solutions often rely on multiple ineffective plugins and bots, which always harm community quality.

There are several competitors in the industry, like Zealy, Mighty Networks, Hivebrite, Bonusly, Mee6. However, each of them focuses on one area, missing the other essential features for a gamified community management. They are usually mainly focused only on one of the following:

- quests and sprints

- online courses and events

- event organizing

- bringing together remote working communities

- moderation, levelling and customizable messages

Company Birth Story

Bondit was born with several goals in mind:

  • To bring a new and measurable approach to build communities that show the weaknesses and strengths of community, based on analytics, not guesses.

  • To give community members a chance to build and experience a better environment while utilizing the main aspects of gamification: - competing with each other - having fun - Increasing engagement by 30-40% - getting rewarded for each interaction - earning while being active in the community - getting education about the community that they belong

The Solution

Bondit is an all-in-one gamification engine, specially designed for online communities to create a sense of community.

The mission with Bondit Club is to give a measurable approach to community building, relying on analytics rather than guesswork. This app aims to uncover the strengths and weaknesses within each community, creating informed decision-making.

Bondit combines competition, a reward system, and analytics for the best community journey.

Bondit’s success so far is:

  • Discord and Telegram integrations

  • 50+ commitments from various Web3 projects for Discord communities

  • (total 200k+ members)

  • 11 communities onboarded, mostly Web3

  • Already achieved a user retention rate of 60%

Bondit envisions a future where the approach to community building becomes the global standard, transforming how communities connect and evolve. A world where analytics-driven insights replace guesswork, enabling communities to reach their full potential.

The Team Culture

The Bondit team has a gaming and gamification experience of 25 years, creating products based on customers’ needs solely. They also have experience of funding and leading a software outsourcing company, consisting of 50 employees, securing profitability and constant growth over the last 4 years.

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han gu
05 jul

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