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Blinq Develops the Future of Business Cards

Blinq makes it easy to share who you are, with anyone, wherever you go. Their software helps individuals, teams and businesses grow their networks and make every customer interaction more valuable.

The demand for digital business cards has been accelerated by the pandemic. Customers are more reluctant than ever to take a paper card and organizations are reluctant to shoulder the higher cost of traditional business cards.

"We’re seeing more and more people turning to digital business cards as a tech first solution to networking. We expect this level of demand for digital business cards to increase as we enter the new normal of the post pandemic world.

Blinq was born out of the frustration of being given paper business cards on day one of a new job. The founder questioned how any forward thinking brand could consider giving team members something so outdated while at the same time asking them to be the face of a modern tech focused company. He was determined to create products that offer individuals and businesses a better alternative for sharing their professional identity.

Their software is contactless, inherently eco-friendly and far more cost effective than traditional business cards. On top of that, Blinq has a heap of other integrations which businesses can leverage to pair their internal directory and existing CRM systems. Setting up your Blinq card takes seconds and you can create live templates to onboard your team seamlessly.

Blinq users can share their card in the way that works best for them and mirrors the way they work. Blinq cards can be shared via scanning a unique QR code, tapping an NFC card, text, email, sharing a link, dynamic email signatures, video conferencing backgrounds and more.

If a company detail changes or a user wants to create a bespoke logo for the holidays, when they apply that change, it will update across all cards instantaneously. No friction, no fuss.

Businesses can create a consistent brand experience by adding their unique brand ID to each card. Crucially, business owners can also lock fields on each card to control exactly what each employee can and can't share on their card.

So far they have nearly 25k active users across the world and have become the top rated digital business card app across global App Stores. It’s a really exciting time for Blinq and they’re working day and night to grow their footprint.

Blinq's small team composed mainly of developers, designers and business managers, all focused on making the product the best it can be and giving their users the best possible experience. Check them out:

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