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Aviato Consulting: Pioneering Next-Gen App Development in a Competitive Landscape

What Aviato Consulting does

Aviato Consulting specialises in innovative application development, and Google Cloud Consulting, offering bespoke solutions that harness cutting-edge technology to address complex business challenges. With a focus on improving companies cyber security, using AI to solve real world problems and building stunning applications, it aims to propel businesses forward in the digital era.

The Current Landscape

The app development industry is witnessing rapid evolution, driven by advancements in AI, and cloud computing, combined with a focus on security. We are operating in a saturated market with key players like Accenture, Cognizant, and Infosys, startups face the challenge of differentiating themselves while meeting the growing demand for scalable, secure, and efficient applications.

Company Birth Story

The genesis of Aviato Consulting traces back to an epiphany its founder had while working at Google. Surrounded by the tech giant's culture of innovation, the founder identified Flutter as a transformative technology for app development.

This realisation sparked the ambition to establish a company dedicated to leveraging Flutter for creating superior, cross- platform applications, leading to the birth of Aviato Consulting as an app studio which has since expanded offerings to utilise the founders expertise in Google Cloud to bring that to medium sized businesses.

The Solution

Aviato Consulting distinguishes itself in the crowded app development market by offering fixed monthly subscription development, and security services, designed to obviate the need for businesses to maintain in-house software development teams. This innovative approach ensures predictable budgeting for clients, combined with technologies like Flutter they can build apps in half the time and cost of in house development.

Additionally, Aviato Consulting specialises in laying down robust Google Cloud foundations for its clients. This comprehensive suite of services, combined with a commitment to leveraging cutting- edge technologies like Flutter, and Google's Gemini AI, positions Aviato Consulting as a versatile partner in digital transformation.

A Customer Story

One notable success story is the collaboration with the Australian startup ecosystem, building a number of MVP apps in under 2 months, to allow founders to focus on raising capita.

Additional work for larger corporate customers is covered under NDA, but allowing corporations to outsource the entire application development process frees up time to focus on their core business.

The Team Culture

Aviato Consulting ensures that all team members receive equity, allowing them to share in the company's successes. This approach not only fosters a sense of ownership among the team but also cultivates an environment where innovation thrives. Regular team-building activities and offsites contribute to a vibrant workplace, where challenges are embraced as opportunities for growth and creativity.

A remarkable female development lead, Shraddha Modi, steers its innovative projects by leading a team of 10 developers and deisgners.

A founder quote

Innovation at Aviato Consulting isn't just about harnessing the latest technologies; it's about creating a sustainable team where every team member is valued and motivated. By integrating cutting-edge solutions like AI, and Flutter and offering unique pricing such as fixed monthly subscriptions for development and security reviews, we're not just transforming businesses; we're redefining the landscape of how businesses work with technology partners.

Ben King, Founder, Aviato Consulting.

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