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AGNT: Setting the stage to disrupt talent buying

What AGNT does

AGNT redefines event organization by connecting planners with a diverse talent pool, while streamlining contracts and payments, ensuring each event is not just memorable, but also effortlessly managed.

The Current Landscape

In the bustling event industry, valued at $2.19 trillion, AGNT sets itself apart. It goes beyond talent matching, offering a streamlined approach to the often-complex financial and contractual aspects of event planning.

Company Birth Story

AGNT was conceived from the complexities of event planning. It stands as a testament to efficiency, offering a platform where contracts and payments are as harmonious as the events themselves.

The Solution

AGNT excels by seamlessly integrating talent discovery with financial and contractual clarity. Automated contracting, secure payments, and a diverse talent catalogue define AGNT, making it a trusted partner for planners and artists alike.

A Customer Story

Downtown Defrost, a local festival, previously bogged down by disjointed booking and payment processes, found solace in AGNT. The platform's integrated approach turned a logistical nightmare into a streamlined success, culminating in an event celebrated for its smooth operations and stellar performances.

The Team Culture

At AGNT, led by innovative minds like Viet Nguyen and Panos Ayassotellis, the focus is on creating a cohesive environment. This unity is reflected in their product, which ensures that every aspect of event planning, especially payments and contracts, is handled with precision and ease.

A founder quote

"With AGNT, we're not just connecting talent with events; we're ensuring that every contract signed and every payment made is as straightforward and reliable as the talent we host." - Viet Nguyen, CEO/Co-Founder.

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