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Accelerating High-impact Hardware Development Through Digital Engineering

What Prewitt Ridge does

Prewitt Ridge created Verve, a platform that accelerates hardware development, solving bottlenecks in government and commercial projects. It boosts productivity by 10x, manages requirements, and brings a DevOps mindset to hardware engineering. Verve offers full API access and ITAR compliance, ensuring seamless integration and collaboration with government agencies.

The Current Landscape

Highly technical engineering projects (from satellites & space shuttles to medical devices) require multiple tools for designing & analyzing complex systems. Requirements help constrain these designs, making them achievable. Unfortunately, these constraining requirements and data often remain siloed within these tools.

Major industry players like IBM Doors and JAMA dominate with legacy tools, hindering innovation. These established products lack modern features, integrations, and APIs, making them unsuitable for smaller engineering teams aiming for rapid application development and market penetration.

Company Birth Story

Founded by former SpaceX engineers Steve Massey & Zeke Brechtel in 2019, Prewitt Ridge addresses key pain points in managing complex hardware systems. Their experience at SpaceX during one of the most dynamic times: 2012-2018 for the first Falcon 9 vehicles all the way up to Falcon Heavy, highlighted inefficiencies in mission analyses, prompting them to develop Verve, a platform aimed at streamlining workflows and improving information sharing across stakeholders.

The Solution

Prewitt Ridge revolutionizes hardware engineering with an innovative DevOps approach, helping teams work faster and prevent costly mistakes.

Their platform Verve addresses the complexities of interdependent engineering systems by offering an easy-to-implement API, native integrations, and digital thread tracing. By capturing and linking authoritative-source-of-truth values across the entire engineering lifecycle, Verve enhances productivity 10x.

Unlike traditional methods, Verve's machine-readable data values and API accessibility streamline processes and reduce manual errors, ensuring cost-effectiveness and schedule adherence. In 2023, Verve 2.0 gained significant traction in aerospace and defense, witnessing an 80% increase in commercial users. Its key differentiator lies in building digital threads across the entire engineering lifecycle, making it a game-changer in the industry. With API-Access, integrations, and ITAR compliance, Verve is tailored for digital-native teams seeking efficiency and outperformance.

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