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A Workout Underwear Label Taking the Fitness World By storm

What are Bare Thrills?

Bare Thrills workout underwear label is made from recycled fibres and is designed to endure the sweatiest of workouts. Bare Thrills was developed and tested by active women across a wide range of sports, workouts and activities and is fast becoming the go-to underwear for fitness.

The Current Landscape

Sustainable underwear isn’t new. Workout underwear is kind of new. Sustainable

workout underwear is breaking new ground. Throughout the 12 months of

development and testing, Bare Thrills founders trialled close to 15 fitness or

underwear brands, 10 different fabrics and 6 types of cuts to find that the current underwear market was lacking in one or more areas to qualify as truly sustainable workout underwear. Where quality, functionality or ethics were lacking, Bare Thrills made it their goal to fill the gap.

The Story Behind it All

Like many good things in life, Bare Thrills was born out of a necessity. In this case it was an underwear necessity. Founders Emily and Liz created Bare Thrills out of the sheer frustration of not having the right underwear to workout in. As an active couple, health and fitness are a cornerstone of their lives, and they understand that what that looks like is different for everybody. Emily and Liz love to go for bush walks and runs with their Australian kelpie, Merlot. They also do regular high intensity functional training sessions which Liz loves to balance with a couple of yoga practices a week. Throughout all of this, the active couple only had a small selection of underwear that they would resort to everyday, which were by no means specifically designed for that purpose. One day they realised that they were putting so much thought into choosing and buying activewear, but not their underwear. They couldn’t find a single pair of underwear that ticked all the right boxes.... so, they decided to design their own.

The Solution

Bare Thrills is a proud small business built with sustainability, health, and

inclusiveness at its core. In the 6 weeks this brand has been on the market, Bare

Thrills is quickly gaining traction through collaborations, publication features, UGC (user generated content) and entering small gyms as an introduction to retail.

The founders are thrilled to have been able to create a brand that is a sustainable

option without compromising on quality or functionality – designed with purpose!

Where Bare Thrills is different from the already flooded underwear market – Firstly, they only manufacturer underwear and do not have plans to move their focus from developing the BEST pair of workout underwear in the world. Secondly, their range has been developed for active people by using the material that 90% of the worlds activewear is made from.... which makes sense!

Bare Thrills is looking to expand their women’s range every 3-4 months, before

moving into a male workout underwear range in approximately 18 months. There are also discussions for a non-binary underwear range as the business becomes more established.

Customer Reviews

“What an amazing all-rounder G. Talk about comfort while still feeling elegant. The cute packaging they arrived in was a nice touch. I love how the packaging and G are made from recyclable products; everything counts. I wear cargo pants for work which are not breathable, therefore I've always struggled with finding comfortable and breathable underwear. My underwear would be soaked in sweat by the end of shift leaving me feeling uncomfortable. I found the material in the G breathable, comfortable, and sweating in them all day was not a problem. It was nice wearing not only something that was comfortable at work but also something that made me feel feminine. I didn't have to worry about them bunching up at the gym or picking out any wedgies.“

Natalie C – Emergency Nurse and Busy Mum

The Team Culture

The Bare Thrills team is made up of Liz and Emily (co-founders and life partners) and Emily’s mum, Kelly. The team is small but high achieving with values of health, sustainability and growth underpinning every decision made for the business. In the same way that fitness is a journey, the team understands that sustainability is a journey also and they are always looking for better ways to reduce environmental impacts both for the business and in daily life. Whilst Emily and Liz are temporarily located in New Zealand for their fulltime jobs, Kelly is in charge of warehouse and logistics, so Bare Thrills is able to maintain fulfilment and design within Australia. Emily and Liz are extremely grateful to have Kelly on their team.

A Founder Quote

Quote from Emily – “Always look for ways to add value. There is opportunity in

everything if you stay adaptable”.

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Great article about a fabulous new business. Watch this biz RISE! (P:S I have the Gym G and is really is as amazing as it claims to be!)

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