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Xevant revolutionizes pharmacy benefits using data analysis

What is Xevant?

Xevant is an Analytics and Automation technology solutions provider focused on reducing the cost of healthcare and improving patient outcomes.

The current industry landscape

The near $4 trillion US Healthcare market is comprised of a very diverse and complex matrix of organizations of all types and sizes working towards managing the health of over 300 million Americans. Despite the innumerable efforts by a sea of healthcare companies to contain the endlessly increasing cost of healthcare, managing health in today's age of consumerism, technology, and speed of information is proving to be a near-impossible task. The market is prime for innovative solutions that can effectively leverage the full gamut of technology options in order to slow the rise in healthcare costs.

The creation of the company

Despite being born in the 70s, founder of Xevant Brandon is clearly a product of the 80s. The icons from the 80s in music, sports, and entertainment shaped many of the interests he still enjoys today. These icons planted an idea deep within his subconscious that has been a primary motivator his entire life: success demands repetitive failure. Today, Brandon has a dynamic, 30-year leadership career spearheading several health technology businesses with an emphasis on growth, revenue, and operational excellence. He has run many high-growth environments, including start-ups, turnarounds, and $1B+ dollar businesses. As a serial entrepreneur, he has a proven record of founding new businesses and advancing them through growth and acquisition, merger, or roll-up including ScripPoint, Veridian, and AviaraMD. Since co-founding Xevant in 2017, an innovative business intelligence company delivering client optimization solutions that create value for its customers in the payer, consulting and PBM markets, Brandon has led a diverse team of employees spanning 3 continents comprising of data and software, sales and marketing, account management, and operations. He has proven to be a driving force for vision, new market strategy, revenue growth, technology development, and partner alliances.

The growth of Xevant

Xevant is laser-focused on reducing the cost and inefficiencies of healthcare by delivering analytics through automation. A key driver for increased healthcare cost is the onslaught of specialty/biologic medications that is quickly expanding the focus to include pharmacy benefits management in the pursuit of containing costs. In its first 3 years, Xevant has rapidly developed the industry's largest independent source of prescription benefits analytics blended together with innovative automation resulting in less time, money, and resources required to manage overall healthcare, lower cost of prescription medications, and better patient outcomes. Xevant's vast library of innovative tools is deployed into the hands of the largest healthcare administrators, consultants, and managers in America casting a wide net of thousands of companies and millions of patients.

Customer experience

In the 3 short years since founding, Xevant has delivered on its promise of reducing waste and cost within healthcare as it's client-base has successfully used the Xevant enterprise solutions to deliver immediate and long-lasting results across the following core areas:

  • Lower the costs of prescription benefits that currently tops over $300 billion in the US per year

  • Decrease the time, effort, and resources required by administrators, consultants, and managers to curb the steep cost of prescription benefits

  • Decrease the time to reprice prescription claims across hundreds of vendor rates and reduce the overall cost by identifying the lowest cost options

About the team

Xevant's mantra is “People before Profits”. The company has heavily invested time, money, resources, and heart into every talented and diverse employee that comes to Xevant each day ready to contribute their talent, expertise, and commitment towards reducing the cost of healthcare and improving patient outcomes. It’s only through their people that Xevant can deliver the needs of its customers, which has exponential value attached. That’s truly the contribution Xevant provides, and the team couldn’t be prouder to pitch that value to whomever is interested.

In addition, in 2022 Xevant will double the size of its staff, which means new work opportunities for 50+ new hires and their families. Also, their goal and focus as a company is to eliminate the extensive time and resources required to manage healthcare costs. As Xevant begins to whittle away at the $1 trillion in current wasteful spending, it will begin to see signs of improvement to a largely broken US healthcare system. Reduction in cost yields greater healthcare affordability, accessibility, and availability to Utah residents and beyond.

This self-perpetuating cycle of improving cost and quality can drive up overall individual health, which in-turn helps further improve the healthcare system. The only way to truly save the healthcare system is to make it more affordable, accessible, and available. Xevant and its team of passionate industry leaders make that their daily commitment.

Other ways they contribute to improving the quality of life in Utah include charitable giving. Xevant participated in the Cause Awareness & Giving Day in April by matching donations made by its staff to purchase and build food kits, hygiene kits, and kits made up of gloves and socks for local charities and those in need. During the Christmas season, the leadership team invited their staff to donate to a charity of choice with a company match. Xevant is currently working on a greater cause of its own in this area of charitable giving, which the team expect to launch in the next year.

"We work hard to cultivate an environment that’s inclusive, communicative, and employee-driven. Our team has been vital to our rapid and continued growth. I can’t express how appreciated they are and am truly humbled that they choose to lend their expertise and time to Xevant." - Brandon

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