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What does

Business users and consumers struggle in today's world with a range of communications apps on their mobile and work devices. Each person on average uses five social apps for communication, creating business efficiency issues and security challenges.

The Current Landscape is a next-gen Unified Communications platform, that consolidates multiple social and communications apps in one place.

Users don’t require to search for messages across multiple apps, IT Security compliance gets a boost, and social media communications for business are better managed. competes with established players such as RingCentral, Vonage, Dialpad and on the enterprise side with Cisco, Avaya etc.

Their path to success is unique due to the value proposition leading to clients across US, Canada, Mexico, and India.

Company Birth Story was formally incorporated in 2021 in Winnipeg, Canada. The concept was born due to the founder receiving customer feedback, requests for telecom capabilities, and the need for cost competitive solutions.

The Solution

Current telecom frameworks and technologies are archaic. High Costs, Lack of Innovation, and Lack of Agility hinder business growth. Whistle was developed on the concept that business communications experience is priority #1 – the product needs to work around it. This approach provided success and traction in achieving revenue milestones.

Whistle’s vision is to transform the telecom industry by challenging status quo.

A Customer Story

One of Whistle’s customers is a remote community without cellular coverage or internet for about 300km from the next major city. The incumbent telecom provider was not offering any assistance or value. Local government had no unified communications and in case of an emergency, they could not even reach critical services. They adopted Whistle over Starlink Internet backbone and instantly received full capabilities through the Cloud platform and mobile app. The smiles they received and the difference they made were worth every effort. The community now uses calling and messaging capabilities for administrative functions.

The Team Culture

Anil Sedha is the founder of, and the team includes developers, customer support, a sales VP, and a software architect. Like a true startup life, they love conversations, cracking jokes, and sharing life experiences as the team is diverse – bonding well on special occasions such as holidays when the team does something unique – such as archery in the last holiday season.

A founder quote is just getting started - let’s whistle while you work!

Check it out :


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