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vBridge Hub introduces world first enterprise gateway for technology market

What is vBbridge Hub?

vBridge Hub is an AI powered enterprise marketplace for assisting businesses in rapidly sourcing technology products, solutions and services. The platform is focused on helping reduce the technology sourcing cycle-time by 50% through AI, automation and collaboration.

Current industry landscape

Currently the information technology (IT) sourcing process is long and complex, especially when dealing with emerging and new-age technologies. The tech eco-system today comprises of over 200,000 vendors globally. The average time taken by Enterprises, from discovery to contract, is 9 months which is too long. This does not even consider the technology implementation cycle, which again may require the support of system integration vendors.

All of this results in longer time to market when bringing in new capabilities. Businesses are continuously looking for differentiated technology solutions to transform their business and stay competitive. This requires the technology sourcing process to become faster, agile and collaborative across the organization.

The creation of vBridge Hub

The founders in their previous roles personally experienced the challenges in sourcing emerging technology and innovation solutions for various business needs across mid and large enterprises. Their enterprise customers were being challenged by born-in-the-cloud players and wanting to transform their business across various areas, all of which needed new-age technology investments. The average time to source and implement solutions for many of these transformation needs was taking about 12 months. They saw this as an opportunity to solve the problem and help businesses move much faster in their technology led transformation journeys.

How vBridge Hub works

vBridge Hub is an Enterprise Marketplace platform that helps mid-to-large enterprises to rapidly discover and select technology solutions and capabilities that meet their business needs. The platform enables the following capabilities that assists enterprises in reducing their technology sourcing cycle-time by over 50%.

  • Discover – members are able to conduct their market research on a rich set of vendor data which includes use cases, customer success stories, awards, customer, partners, etc. and identify potential candidates to evaluate.

  • Engage – seamlessly engage with the selected list of vendors through the messaging capability on the platform. This also allows members to avoid silo’d e-mail communication and provides a better visibility on overall engagement and interactions with the eco-system.

  • Evaluate – members can define their requirements collaboratively with their team members and share them with the chosen vendors. They can evaluate the responses and score them to help select or short-list the finalist.

  • POC – members can use the POC platform capability to quickly run test use-cases to evaluate the product features and usability.

  • Contract – upon finalizing contractual terms and pricing, members confirms the order to the chosen vendor.

Success so far:

  • Platform MVP completed• Supplier Side – Over 15,000 Technology vendors profiled across 500+ categories profiled

  • Buyer Side – Over 20 Global Enterprise Customers in pilot phaseVision

  • Become the go-to platform for all Technology Scouting and Sourcing requirements among mid to large size enterprises

  • Become the de-facto Digital Sales Channel for all Technology Suppliers

  • Become a Soonicorn.

How vBridge Hub has impacted its customers

Driving value for enterprise European multinational investment bank and financial services company successfully found and engaged with vendors who have solutions specific to their business requirements.

Value Delivered – Time taken to find and engage with relevant vendors were reduced by 75% Driving Value for Tech Vendor.

A Cybersecurity Startup engaged successfully with multiple IT Service Providers thru vBridge Hub and successfully partnered with 3 global service providers for Joint GTM. Has since closed two deals through them.

Value Delivered – Generated business worth US$1 M TCV with partners engaged through vBridge Hub Driving Value for IT Service Provider.

A Tier-1 Global IT Service Provider researched for data center migration tools to help differentiate their value proposition for an RFP opportunity. They identified a DC Orchestration Startup and engaged with them in less than 48 hours.

Value Delivered – Helped propose a differentiated migration approach using the partner in an RFP process

About the team

The Core Team at vBridge Hub include

  1. Pravin Bolar – CEO and Co-Founder

  2. Krishna VHS – Co-Founder and Head Sales & Strategy

  3. Ramaraju Buddharaju – CTO and Chief Platform Architect

  4. Reshma Shaik – Head Data Engineering

  5. Elaine Martis – Head Application Development

  6. Shiv Narrain – Head Digital Marketing & Supplier Onboarding

In addition, there is a team of Research Analysts and Development Engineers who are constantly creating value for our platform. vBridge Hub believes that employees are the most important asset and constantly work towards making sure everyone works together as one big family.

Post lockdown due to the pandemic, when employees returned to work, vBridge Hub made sure everyone was vaccinated and arranged for a vaccination camp. They helped employees move to accommodation in walking distance from work to avoid public transportation. They believe in constantly appreciating each other and celebrating every little success at work. As a result, they make sure the team comes together once every month to celebrate these occasions.

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