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Tulipon: Revolutionizing Women's Period Care

What Tulipon does

Tulipon is a revolutionary women's wellness product merging tampon ease with menstrual cup capacity (up to 12 hours, leak-free). Beyond superior functionality, it adds a biomarker layer, transforming your monthly bleeding into a health "biopsy." Initial biomarkers include menstrual flow and vaginal pH, offering unprecedented early screening for overall well-being.

The Current Landscape

Period products menstruators use today exist since the 1800s and have not changed much. In the spirit of being sustainable, menstrual cups and period panties became trendy, but as it turns out they are not all they are made out to be. There has not been a real innovation in the field in many decades and Tulipon is on a mission to change that, by offering truly sustainable, yet still clean and disposable and super convenient period care that also empowers women to take control of their health.

Company Birth Story

After more than four decades of first-hand experience with “the good, the bad, and the ugly” of menstruation, Hilla Shaviv, a serial femtech entrepreneur and biomedical engineer, realized that women deserved better.

Since the focus of her studies and her first professional experience was in the field of blood fluid dynamics in the cardiovascular system, this is what led Hilla to the idea for Tulipon in 2012. A novel period product that combines the best of both worlds: the familiar tampon with its ease of use and cleanliness, and the menstrual cup with its ability to hold more fluid and its eco-friendliness.

To make Tulipon a reality, Hilla founded Gals Bio in 2016 and began research and development. Surprisingly, she found a gap in the market. No patents, no innovation, just an empty space (pun intended): menstruators had been using the same products for decades, and they just weren’t good enough.

The Solution

Tulipon, a vaginal platform with applicator, combines tampon ease of use with menstrual cup capacity, lasting up to 12 hours. Unlike traditional cups, it's easily removed with an external string, reducing mess and intimidation. The proprietary liquid-locking feature prevents spillage during removal, eliminating the need to dump blood into the toilet (and allowing the user to monitor changes in the menstrual flow). Designed for convenience, Tulipon is disposable, ensuring a hygienic and hassle-free experience while still being fully sustainable with a water-soluble applicator and recyclable cup. This innovative product offers a user-friendly alternative to other internal options, providing a clean and efficient solution for menstrual care.

A founder quote

“Tulipon was born out of the recognition of the neglect that women’s health has suffered over the years, and it became not only a business, but my life’s purpose” ~Hilla Shaviv

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