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Trioangle Technologies - Leading Web/Mobile App Development Company

What Trioangle Technologies does

Trioangle Technologies, a leading startup with six years of experience, offers high-quality web and app solutions to empower online businesses. With skilled developers, they have served clients in 60+ countries, gaining the trust of 250+ satisfied clients.

Trioangle Technologies Current Landscape

After the success of the online market, they have identified the hope for new industries like crypto and the SaaS B2B marketplaces.

Looking towards the growth of both, They extend their services into crypto as well as the SaaS market.

To meet these growing trends, They offer plenty of solutions organized into four verticals as follows:

  • NFT Marketplace

  • Crypto exchange

  • DeFi

  • Crypto Solutions

Some of the competitors of Trioangle Technologies in the web and mobile app development sector are:

1. Elluminati

2. Appscrip

3. AppDupe

4. V3Cube

5. Apporio

Company Birth Story

Trioangle Technologies, founded in 2016, by Mr. Vignesh and Mr. Bowshul Sheik Rahman, specializes in web and mobile app development for startups.

They started with an Airbnb clone script called 'Makent' and rapidly expanded their product portfolio.

With popular offerings like Gofer (Uber clone), Spiffy (Fancy clone), and GoferEats (UberEats clone), they gained industry recognition. They also developed Makent Boats for online boat rentals.

In 2019, they added Space Rental, Pharmacy Delivery, GoferAlcohol, GoferDeliveryAll, and Handyman script to their lineup.

Today, Trioangle is a prominent IT service firm in Tamil Nadu, serving clients across 100+ countries, and holds ISO 9001:2015 certification for its exceptional web and mobile app development services.

The Solution

Trioangle Technologies, with a dedicated and talented team of developers, delivers high-quality solutions for entrepreneurs worldwide.

They serve over 400 clients across various sectors, including rental, on-demand services, delivery, online booking, classifieds, and E-commerce.

With brand-driven features like

  • prompt delivery,

  • innovative ideas,

  • futuristic technology,

  • frequent updates,

  • timely support, and

  • round-the-clock service

Trioangle stands out in the online market.

A Customer Story

Americo – Team’s Communication is impeccable and their solution meets our needs

Dayo Amon – Trioanglates are committed to deliver excellence.

The Team Culture

Trioangle Technologies has a proactive approach to adapting to changing trends and client requirements. The CEO, along with the management team, fosters a culture of value-added thinking and keen observation.

To enhance collaboration and communication among professionals, Trioangle organizes events such as

  • Fun Day Weekly,

  • XMAS Crisma Games,

  • Team Lunch,

  • Diwali Potluck, and

  • Pongal Celebration.

A founder quote

Never Give Up on A Dream Just Because of the Time It Will Take to Accomplish.

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