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Till Debt Do Us Part: The Story of DebtMD

What is DebtMD?

DebtMD is a fintech startup platform that connects people with the professional help they need to become debt-free. Their service connects users with lenders, credit counselors, and debt settlement companies to help them resolve their debt. With their technology, consumers can receive a quick financial check-up and their debt relief options presented in simple terms. Users are able to find the best solution for high interest credit card debt, medical bills, and/or student loans. Their goal is to make the path to financial freedom as smooth, quick, and stress-free as possible.

Current Landscape

In the financial industry, there has been a secular shift toward consumer use of the Internet to research and shop for personal finance products coupled with increased consumer interest in comparison shopping for such products. Two key competitors of DebtMD are Bankrate and Nerdwallet. However, these websites only allow the consumer to compare rates and terms for unsecured personal loans. There are no mainstream websites that allow a consumer to compare credit counseling, debt settlement, and bankruptcy options. DebtMD aims to fill this void and allow the more sub-prime candidates to compare debt consolidation options that are better suited for their situation.

Company Birth Story

Before launching DebtMD, Founder and CEO James Lambridis worked in the debt relief industry for five years, advising people on their best option for becoming debt-free from credit cards, medical bills, and student loans. After speaking to people in debt every day for five years, he began to realize that there was a serious problem when it came to finding a solution. People were stressed out, under time constraints, and misinformed as to what their best option was to pay off their debt. This made him wonder how he could improve their situation and make it easier for them to find a solution, and that is when the idea for DebtMD was born.

The Solution

DebtMD assists people with credit card, medical, and student loan debt, and aims to be a thought leader in personal financial health. The company empowers people to make the right choices when it comes to their long-term financial well-being. Not only do they connect individuals with reputable companies to help them resolve their debt, but they also educate them on the best practices for maintaining a debt-free life. In addition, DebtMD has recently developed a proprietary algorithm that helps a consumer pay off debt and achieve financial freedom. Their mission is to be able to help anyone, anywhere, in any financial situation meet their money goals.

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