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This Home Service Franchise Brand Plans to Disrupt the 50-Year Old Moving Industry

What Pink Zebra Moving does

Pink Zebra Moving disrupts the local moving industry by delivering a better, more positive customer experience. Backed by experienced home services franchise executives, the company believes it can make the moving experience fun by providing both unique and remarkable experiences to its customers.

Pink Zebra Moving's Current Landscape

The moving industry dates back more than 100 years. Other than trucks replacing wagons, the industry has not evolved much at all in the last century. Consumers choose to pay for a moving company to eliminate stress and headaches, but people routinely experience negative situations that make their move even more challenging. For example, most consumers receive an estimate prior to their move. Unfortunately, the estimate almost never matches the final bill which causes consumers to believe their moving company is acting fraudulently. The industry has been slow to react to the growing negative customer sentiment even though prices for moving services continue to climb.

Company Birth Story

Ron Holt, founder of Pink Zebra Moving, spent nearly two decades building a small cleaning business into a 93-location nationally recognized franchise brand. Business was booming for his cleaning business, but he missed the energy from his early startup days. Meetings and more meetings were a major part of his daily routine as the CEO of Two Maids & A Mop. Around that time of self- discovery, his mother-in-law hired a moving company in her hometown of Birmingham, AL. It was a bad experience that started with poor customer service and ended with an even worse experience after receiving an invoice for nearly 300% more than her original estimate. She shared her frustration with Holt, and then he put on his entrepreneurial hat by checking reviews from consumers across the country. From Seattle to Miami, his quick analysis of the industry showed that other people were experiencing the exact kind of unprofessionalism as his mother-in-law. Holt promptly reached out to an investment bank for direction on selling his cleaning business so that he could focus on building his next home service brand. In just 42 days, Holt sold Two Maids & A Mop for an undisclosed amount and then went head-first into the local moving industry with a big vision of recreating his magic of building a small business into a national brand.

The Solution

The average transaction is approximately $2,000 for most intrastate moves. Very few moving companies attempt to build a relationship with their customers, choosing to churn and burn them since demand is so strong across the industry. Pink Zebra Moving makes the moving experience fun by using humor to engage with its customers before, during and after a move. While the antics are fun and silly, the larger goal of this engagement is to build an actual relationship with a customer. The company believes customers who feel important are not much different than people in a personal relationship. Holt says that friends and family makes mistakes just like a business makes a mistake. But in his mind, most people accept friends and family mistakes because there is a different level of trust than typically experienced with a business. At Pink Zebra Moving, the company uses humor to create engagement with customers so that an actual relationship can be formed. In other words, the fun surprises and crazy antics are bigger than just silly stunts. The antics are deliberate processes designed to form a stronger relationship with a customer, thereby eliminating the strife that occurs with a typical transaction with most moving companies. As a result, Pink Zebra Moving believes a better, more positive customer experience is possible each and every time they work with a customer. That’s how they plan to disrupt the local moving industry.

A Customer Story

Pink Zebra Moving breaks down a professional into three simple phases: before, during and after. Most moving companies book a new customer and then simply go to sleep until the move occurs. As a reference, most customers book a full-service move at least two weeks out. That seems likes a long time without any type of correspondence, but it happens every day across the country with most moving companies. Pink Zebra Moving engages with its customers often throughout the waiting period between book date and move day. Whether it’s email, texting or video messages, Pink Zebra Moving utilizes all mediums to consistently engage with its customers to provide assurance that everything will be great on mode day. One unique type of engagement that Pink Zebra Moving provides occurs the day before move day. The company offers a free dinner to all its full-service move customers. The free meal has become the signature piece of the Pink Zebra Moving customer experience process. Of course, move day is the most important phase for a customer and deserves its own special engagement as a result. Pink Zebra Moving starts move day off in a fun way by conducting a fun exercise routine prior to their work begin. It’s another reminder that the company plans to make moving fun for its customers. The fun doesn’t end there, however. All sorts of fun antics occur throughout the move day, with Zeke the Zebra showing up every now and then if small kids are present during a move. Once all of the physical work is completed on move day, Pink Zebra Moving leaves behind a surprise box filled with personalized goodies for its customers. The surprise box is usually left in a remote area of the home so that customers discover it after the zebra patterned trucks depart. Hiring a moving company can be painful for some people, but Pink Zebra Moving works hard to make the moving experience as fun as possible for everyone.

The Team Culture

The company’s leadership team is comprised of seasoned franchise professionals who have all worked together to build other home service brands in the past. Lauren Bowen serves as the President of Pink Zebra Moving while Ron Holt serves as the brand’s founder. Holt previously built Two Maids & A Mop into a nationally recognized franchise brand before selling the business to focus on the local moving industry. Bowen also worked for Two Maids & A Mop serving multiple roles from Corporate Counsel to Director of Operations. According to both leaders, helping someone build a successful business is the most rewarding part of their jobs.

A founder quote

Ron Holt – “I’ve always believed that believing is seeing. What does that mean? It means anything is possible if you truly believe in the mission. I believe that Pink Zebra Moving is going to create an entirely new category of movers called HAPPY movers. We’re going to make magic and it all started with one big dream borne from a negative experience.”

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