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The South Australian Ghee Brand Turning Butter into Gold

What is OMGhee?

South Australian startup OMGhee is behind the gheelicious new product which is loaded with health benefits. It's an organic, bio-dynamic, small batch ghee producer with big plans to educate and inspire Australians on the health benefits of eating ghee.

The Current Landscape

The demand for ghee is booming, and it's little wonder why! In a world where we are increasingly mindful of our health, many people are switching to ghee over other fats or oils. The delicious taste and flavour are a bonus. Specifically, ghee has become a popular choice among those looking for lactose-free, Keto and Paleo friendly alternatives. In Australia, OMGhee is attracting the attention of ghee connoisseurs, foodies, and health enthusiasts. The global ghee industry is projected to reach volume of over 7.8 million tons by 2026. In Australia, ghee was recorded as the fastest-growing segment within the solid fats categories and it's showing no signs of slowing down.

Company Birth Story

Founder Lisa Ormenyessy left her 20-year career as a business coach to follow her joy: making ghee. Throughout the COVID pandemic Lisa started making ghee. When she found herself standing in the supermarket isle decided to test how different brands of butter transformed into ghee she knew she was a ‘goner’ and her delicious product was born. In making ghee, the butter undergoes a heating process whereby all moisture, casein, lactose and other milk proteins are removed. What's left is a creamy, delicious buttery spread that is lactose-free, has an extraordinarily high smoking point and can last up to 12 months in your pantry without refrigeration It's perfect for sautéing, baking, frying or spreading on your toast. It's a healthier alternative to butter or oil.

The Solution

Lisa's vision to have a jar of ghee on the table at dinner time – an healthier version for butter or margarine. The company is building by focusing on shifting perceptions and educating everyday Australians that ghee does not have to equal curry and, despite being pure fat because of the structure of the fatty acid chains, has extraordinary health benefits that have been recognised and used in traditional medicines for thousands of years. Ghee increases the bioavilability of the food we eat because it closely resembles our own cell membranes having the ability to take nutrients deep into the cell quickly. Studies have shown that it reduces inflammation in the body, boosts immunity, assist in weightloss and more.

Despite the health benefits OMGhee sets itself apart from other ghees as an ‘eating’ ghee – it’s not just for frying.

The flavour of OMGhee can only be achieved by small batch hand made . there is an art and a science in the last 10 mins of the cook and Lisa is an artist when it comes to the last 10mins achieving a flavour profile unmatched with any others on the markets. It simply can’t be achieved in mass production setting.

Because of its luxurious and induldent deep butterschoth undertones first time ghee users and customers expecting the taste to be what they have experienced previously ghee before are falling in love with OMGhee as a healthy, lactose free, guilt free butter alternative.

Now, instead of thinking ghee and curry, OMGhee lovers are spreading it on bread, dolloping it on their vegies and because of it’s super high smoking point cooking their eggs, mushies and steaks in.

In just 7 months since launch (and 3 month since leave the corporate world) OMGhee is being stocked in highend supermarkets and reputable health food stores.

A Customer Story

Lisa said customers were raving about the product. "At the markets recently an elderly and traditionally dressed Indian lady came to the OMGhee stand to taste it. She had tears in her eyes as she told me it tasted exactly like the ghee her mother made for her as a child.

"The customers have been amazing - they just can't get enough! One told me she bought three jars of OMGhee last week – one from each new retailer she knew of - and she was there to buy again – just because she wanted the supermarket to know that they should keep it on the shelf and support the business. I was blown away!"

The Team Culture

Our core team is myself and my husband David – His support has been invaluable to getting up at 5.30am to pack the cars for markets and cleaning the ghee pots between batches on cooking day. He lightens my load and just allows me to focus on my joy which is cooking the ghee, educating people and getting it in their mouths so they too can fall in love with it.

Our highest company value is that the ‘cook is sacred’ We believe joy and love are real ingredients and can be tangibly felt by the consumer. Just like when someone like your grandma cooks your favourite meal. Its special. You can have it somewhere else, same ingredients, same method, but something is missing.

In the highly processed world we live in we deliberately at each cook put that ‘missing piece’ of love and joy into the ghee. It is intentional.

Our customers notice the difference and often speak of experience feeling nurtured, like a big hug. When you eat – the food becomes a part of you – in a matter of a week it is a living cell in your body, we want your cells zing and dancing because of the joy and well being benefits of the ghee you have eaten.

A Founder Quote

Some people meditate. I cook ghee.

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