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The Quotation Revolution: Inside the Success of MustReadQuotes

What MustReadQuotes does is a digitally-driven publishing startup that offers an innovative way for users to read, share, and personalize popular quotations, complete with detailed biographies of quotable personalities.

The Current Landscape

The world of online quote consumption is crowded, with many players still working with outdated interfaces. However, ensures its content remains fresh and unique with modern app-like design and updated content. Despite stiff competition from websites like Goodreads, BrainyQuote, and AZ Quotes, differentiates itself with unparalleled features.

Company Birth Story's conception was rooted in the founders' deep passion for quotations and their potential to inspire and provoke thought. The founders noticed how most of the existing platforms were outdated and lacked user-friendly customization features. Hence, the platform was developed, addressing these gaps, and offering an online resource that is fresh, rich, and engaging.

The Solution

The uniqueness of lies in its sophisticated features like personalized quote collections, unique designer images to enhance presentation quality, and user-friendly content categorization. This approach clearly sets them apart from their competitors. The success so far has been impressive, with a growing user base spanning across the globe. As the company advances, the vision is clear - to persistently innovate and improve so that the content remains relevant and engaging to the users.

A Customer Story

The impact that brings around is palpable. A notable example includes a collaboration with a school teacher who effectively used the platform to motivate her students. With access to famous quotes and detailed biographies of the personalities behind them, it sparked the students' interest in history and literature. A platform that began with the aim to share quotes is now changing lives by educating and inspiring the younger generation.

The Team Culture

Comprising a core team of six individuals spread across four continents, is a truly remote-first startup. The current team roster, excluding the founder, is an all-woman brigade representing a diverse array of cultures and viewpoints. As a group, they prioritize putting people first and working hard to bring their users the best possible experience.

A founder quote

In the words of Maurizio Petrone, the Founder & CEO of, "Our vision is to create a platform that transcends cultural and language barriers, inspiring people globally through the power of words." This encapsulates the holistic vision and constant strive of to ensure an enriching user experience.

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