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The Future of Marketing is Community: Build it with Web3 Pro

What Web3 Pro does

Web3 Pro is a Palo Alto-based MarTech company that is breaking ground on community marketing strategies rooted in privacy and authenticity to better connect brands with ad-skeptical audiences. Web3 Pro provides enterprise-grade, white-label community engagement solutions for globally renowned brands like Lamborghini and Ducati.

Web3 Pro Current Landscape

Existing data privacy laws and the impending deprecation of third- party cookies pose problems for digital marketers.

There are a growing number of companies at the intersection of web 3.0 and MarTech, including 3mint and Few of the truly blockchain-native players have the extensive, mature teams of web 2.0-based companies, while many MarTech giants, like HubSpot and Salesforce, have yet to fully commit to web 3.0.

Company Birth Story

Christian Ferri started Web3 Pro to explore the potential of NFTs beyond the hype. From the beginning, the company has worked with innovators like Atari and Lamborghini to ideate new use cases for the technology, always staying a step ahead of the curve.

The Solution

Their newest product innovation, the Hub, provides authentic ways for companies to build communities on their own platforms—rather than worrying about instability from third-party companies like TikTok or Twitter. Their solution is the only white-label, enterprise- grade community engagement platform using the power of blockchain to jumpstart community marketing strategies. A key advantage of building on blockchain is the removal of liability under data privacy laws like Europe’s GDPR; users are always in control of the information they share with brands.

The most pioneering brands, from Lamborghini to Starbucks, recognize the need to shift towards privacy-friendly marketing, such as community marketing using web 3.0—even when those technical terms are abstracted out of the public eye.

Web3 Pro’s mission is to empower marketing executives to harness the new era of community marketing. Its vision is to see this type of marketing provide a better experience for both brands and their customers.

A Customer Story

Luxury automotive brand Lamborghini has been experimenting with web 3.0’s capabilities since their Space Time Memory Campaign launched in 2021. Its recently concluded Epic Road Trip Campaign, which drove over 45,000 unique registrations, clearly illustrated the value behind the technology as a community marketing lever.

The campaign engaged and retained new communities through interactive polls, AMAs, an IRL Sant’Agata HQ VIP Tour, new model previews, and more.

In the words of Lamborghini CMO Christian Mastro, “We say that we are the one who is always driving the humans beyond… This partnership provides us with the power to engage with the next generation through NFTs.”

The Italian car maker is looking ahead to anticipate what their audience of dreamers and customers will want next, continuing to be at the forefront of innovation in marketing, manufacturing, and beyond.

A founder quote

“When NFTs came out, we in the industry didn’t see them as art—as cats or dogs or monkeys—but as a vehicle to drive deeper, first-party engagement with users and customers. There is a big, untapped opportunity for enterprises to create more personalized, authentic experiences that improve the customer journey using NFTs.” –Founder and CEO Christian Ferri.

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