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The Canadian agency that broke the Google Algorithm code

What the company does

Dialekta is a performance marketing agency based in Canada and France. They work with a unique methodology: Casing, Testing, Scaling to help clients reach their peak ROI and develop innovations to speed up that process. They support this process by offering Measure & Analytics, SEO, Paid Media, and CRO.

The Current Landscape

For years, every marketer has been trying to understand how the Google ranking algorithm works—from keyword stuffing in the early days to link schemes, every decade had its quick win.

The truth is, nobody knows the exact criteria or their weight. It depends on too many things, including the user’s navigation history, location, etc.

Today, SEO is a sought-after expertise with thousands of specialized agencies around. But no one knows precisely how the Google algorithm works, and the results are hard, if not impossible, to predict.

So SEO can be very time-consuming, which translates into being expensive for clients. And since no one ever truly knows what will be the most impactful solution, SEO specialists have to cover a broad range of optimizations.

Company Birth Story

Dialekta was created more than ten years ago. At the time, it was the secret weapon of media and advertising agencies. Digital marketing was in its early days, most clients believed it would be a fad, and big agencies still needed to staff digital teams.

Dialekta made a name for itself and started working on SEO several years ago. Adopting white hat strategies and focusing on creating quality content, the agency achieved excellent results for its clients.

The Solution

Thanks to their innovation department and the rise of machine learning, Dialekta started to work on a more optimal solution for SEO optimizations. If Google’s algorithm is secret, the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) are public. The agency developed a program to analyze the results based on dozens of criteria. They process the best-ranking pages through hundreds of machine- learning models to spot the similarities and understand what makes them rank so high. This allows them to retro-engineer Google’s algorithm and identify essential criteria for a particular keyword to rank in a specific location. So that Dialekta has a list of what to work on for maximal SEO impact. Thanks to this program, Dialekta can focus on the most critical aspects of a website, save time and achieve great client results instead of blindly optimizing every known aspect.

A founder quote

Today, agencies are still working like Mad Men, even if the ecosystem has changed drastically. They lack a method dedicated to and efficient with digital marketing. That is what we have been building at Dialekta. Aymeric FREYMOND, partner

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