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The AI-Powered Future Of Online Cable, Media and Telecom Sales

What Actifai does

Actifai, an artificial intelligence-powered customer engagement platform, helps cable and telecommunications providers build stronger and more profitable customer relationships.

Combining predictive data with 1 million outcomes from previous sales engagements, Actifai delivers recommended offers aligned with customer needs. Backed with contextual selling points, Actifai maximizes ARPU, net conversions and CLV.

Actifai's Current Landscape

Traditional models broadband providers follow to increase profits and win new customers are paradoxical. Many rely on steep upfront discounts and promotional offers to win new customers. Then, they end these deals to boost profits, leaving customers locked into higher-cost package contracts with expensive cancellation penalties. This pattern confuses consumers and creates distrust that leads to shortened customer relationships.

Actifai's Birth Story

Actifai was formed in 2019 when a regional service provider approached Actifai’s founders to help improve business operations by activating its data. After working closely with industry leaders, the Actifai team was struck by the prevalence of underused internal data sets, the potential benefits of available external data and the broader opportunity to leverage both to optimize providers’ recurring customer engagements. They began by building the industry’s most comprehensive data-sourcing technology, a machine-learning engine that ingests providers’ data and synthesizes it with newly collected external data. The idea was to utilize AI models to identify optimal product and service offers given their competitiveness versus other providers and the background of an individual customer’s service history, usage, needs and budget.

Actifai's Solution

While other companies offer call center or sales engagement products to cable, media and telecommunication providers, Actifai’s unique approach using AI to identify a single optimal offer in real time customer engagements is a first-of-its-kind capability. The analysis starts at the initial point of sale, providing customer service agents access to data they typically don’t have about a particular customer in real time based on demographics, competition and behavioral information to provide intelligence to help sell more effectively. The company’s platform generates recommended offers that have helped partners realize a 9-14% boost in average revenue per user (ARPU), improved net conversions of up to 30% and an average customer lifetime value (CLV) lift of $374 over a 60-month average. Today, Actifai helps power thousands of daily digital and agent-driven customer engagements.

A founder quote

“Actifai has sought to demystify the potential of AI and ML by taking a very pragmatic approach to identify and solve business problems that can be easily implemented, tested,and measured with clear and demonstrable impact,” states Actifia executive vice president and general manager Jeff Vogt.

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