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SAST provides a "holistic approach to healthier buildings"

What is SAST?

Safe Air Systems Technology™ (SAST) is a Health, Energy and Sustainability startup in Eatontown, New Jersey, specializing in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring and detection, treatment, & data collection.

The current industry landscape

The #1 challenge faced by businesses today is the hesitancy to return indoors. Despite indoor air quality being among the top five environmental risks to public health for years, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted a change in attitude towards how we view health and safety in terms of public health. Not only has the pandemic accentuated the importance and need for clean indoor air worldwide, but regulations and standards for indoor air quality are now expected to become stricter.

As a result, the commercial real estate industry is currently at risk. Employees are uncomfortable returning to the office, and web-based learning and online shopping are at an all-time high. The time for businesses to provide safer indoor air conditions for their greatest assets is now.

Present safety measures and procedures like facemasks, standalone air purification room units, and enhanced HVAC cleaning, are only temporary solutions to an ongoing and growing public health emergency. Although current technology to clean the air exists, the public can only guess how well it’s working.

IAQ health and safety is the responsibility of any organization’s most senior management but those charged with establishing such protocols are tasked with choosing from solutions, which in many instances, are misleading, overpriced, ineffective, or incomplete, which is why SAST has created a holistic solution to indoor air quality for commercial businesses.

Why SAST was created

Safe Air Systems Technology™ is the result of joining three sectors: building development, antimicrobials, and LED lighting technology.

Having spent over 40 years in all three sectors, Safe Air Systems Technology founder and CEO Gregory Shiffner always knew the importance of antimicrobial solutions, HVAC, lighting, and other aspects of environmental indoor quality, but attributes such technologies to being ahead of their time.

“I was in the antimicrobial field for combatting the transmission of viruses and pathogens on surfaces and in the air, spending millions of dollars developing three different product lines that were EPA-registered and approved, but we were 10 years ahead of time,” said Mr. Shiffner. “People didn’t believe there was a need for worrying about indoor pathogens. When COVID-19 hit, my phone started ringing and people wanted to know if I still did antimicrobial technology. I already had the experience of focusing on airborne transmission and wanted to focus on indoor air quality, since SARS-CoV-2 is primarily spread through aerosols in enclosed spaces.

“Now that the world must have healthy buildings, building a company around the future of indoor air quality technology has been the perfect fit. The future is tying in building health management systems into existing building and energy management systems so then you really have a smart building, a smart city, and a smart world…and health is the driving force of the world becoming smart.”

The SAST solution

The SAST iAQ Pro™ is a holistic approach to healthy buildings. Designed to create spaces in which occupants will be safe from indoor air pathogens, SAST iAQ Pro™ helps clients prove that they value health and wellbeing as a company, and that the environment in which their employees work, clients visit, and partners collaborate, is safe. It is the only Building Health Management System™ with a comprehensive IAQ management plan supported by real-time technology and data analytics that are interpreted into actionable insights for building stakeholders.

As Safe Air Systems Technology™ is a startup company, one of its biggest successes to date has been the ability to create an amazing team of subject matter experts. The team is second to none, consisting of world-renowned PhD’s, MD’s, engineers, MEP professionals, architects, and designers who have over 300 combined years of experience and believe in the importance of indoor air quality, as well as the technologies and patents that are being advanced into the field.

Together, SAST are working toward making the world a safer place, one solution at a time. It strives to empower businesses, schools, and offices to transform the health and safety of their occupants with a holistic approach to healthy buildings.

The company culture

Collaboration is a big part of the SAST company culture and reflects the importance and benefits of interpersonal communication, which is difficult to achieve when an organization operates remotely.

Whether the in-house team and subject matter experts are meeting on a regular basis to advance our technology, or get together for a company bonding experience, they all share the priceless ability to bounce ideas off one another and build strong relationships.

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