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QuestCrafters: Gamers' Ultimate Relaxation with D20 Alchemy's Bath Bombs

What D20 Alchemy does

D20 Alchemy, founded by gamers, crafts premium bath products that unite relaxation with adventure for spa-savvy gamers. Their range elevates bath time into an immersive experience, blending self-care with the excitement of gaming, offering a unique and rejuvenating journey for enthusiasts of both worlds.

The Current Landscape

While bath bombs have been growing in popularity for decades, consumers have come to expect more than just a relaxing bath. They want natural scents and hidden surprises they can enjoy even after they run out of bubbles. At D20 Alchemy, it’s about more than creating a great product; they’re focused on creating a great experience in and out of the tub. Each of their bath bombs includes a surprise 20-sided die, or a D20, that customers can use for their next game night.

Company Birth Story

D20 Alchemy was started by founders who love gaming as much as they love a good spa day. With these two interests, they created relaxing bath bombs that have fun surprises inside: unique, 20-sided dice ready to roll. By combining this inventive product with their dream of having a more engaging 9-5, D20 Alchemy was born. The company is beginning its journey in the bath product industry by focusing on quality bath bombs with a nerdy flair.

The Solution

Everyone should be able to enjoy a relaxing spa day—gamers included! There aren’t many bath product brands that cater to nerds and gamers, which is where D20 Alchemy comes in. With naturally-derived scents and surprise dice, these bath bombs stand apart from the rest. As the company continues to grow, the team is excited about developing more bath products to offer relaxation to gamers of all kinds. To cater to a wider market, there are three scents to choose from: lavender, tea tree, and eucalyptus.

A Customer Story

Despite being a startup in a competitive industry, D20 Alchemy has been delighted to hear how much their customers love their products. From those who simply expected a soothing bath and were surprised by the beautiful die inside to those who purchased specifically due to their love of gaming, the results are the same: a fun, relaxing self-care experience.

The Team Culture

○Carl, Co-Founder - When not planning thrilling Dungeons ' Dragons campaigns for his party, Carl can usually be found relaxing in a warm bath. Carl co-founded D20 Alchemy to celebrate and share these two passions.

○ Liz, Co-Founder - By day, Liz solves complex bookkeeping problems, but by night, she adventures through dangerous realms with her party before celebrating her victories with a luxurious soak. Liz co-founded D20 Alchemy to help provide fellow gamers with fun ways to practice self-care.

A founder quote

“Running a business is an adventure, but it doesn’t feel like work if you love what you do.”- Carl

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