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What the company does

Ryptic Team Building is a virtual team building events company. The company offers fun and engaging online games and activities for corporate teams. The company’s purpose is to bring more joy to the workplace by promoting better communication and helping build stronger relationships.

The Current Landscape

The industry found it’s sea legs during the pandemic when people were forced to work from home, and companies were desperately looking for new and innovative ways of getting employees to stay connected virtually. The industry is currently going through a transformation as companies get a better understanding of what the long-term employee hybrid model looks like, and how services like this fit into their overall picture. The competitive landscape is healthy, with market participants innovating with new products all the time. The industry has a bright future and lots of room to grow.

Company Birth Story

Ryptic Team Building was founded in 2015 initially as an escape room business with onsite locations in the San Francisco Bay area. That business proved to be quite successful, and when the Covid pandemic hit in 2020, the company pivoted to offering its products via virtual escape rooms. Those were a big hit and soon thereafter the company expanded its portfolio to include other types of activities like virtual scavenger hunts and murder mystery games that could be enjoyed by corporate teams from around the world. The company was sold in 2022 to present management who are focused on expanding the vision of providing a greater array of team building events that bring more fun into the workplace.

The Solution

The company’s vision is to bring fun and joy in the workplace through virtual team building experiences. The company is building a portfolio of products that take the experience to the next level, by adding more seasonal events and added customizations. For example, the company recently released a slate of new holiday seasonal events, like ‘Winter Holiday Paint Night’ and ‘Winter Wonderland Trivia’ that build off well-established and popular events. To date, the company has hosted over 14,000 events with over 150,000 people participating from companies both large and small. The company continues to innovate and find new ways of expanding its horizons.

The Team Culture

The company has a core management team of four individuals, who are responsible for sales, marketing, customer management, and operations. The biggest thing the team values is the opportunity to make customers smile, have fun, and be joyous with their co- workers. There’s nothing better than knowing that a group of employees who aren’t in physical proximity to each other every day, are able to make better connections and build closer relationships with their teammates because of the products provided by the company.

Life at work is busy given that this is a small business that continues to evolve. The entire company’s staff works remotely, with some individuals located overseas, and so everybody gets to experience remote work just like customers do. This provides the perfect perspective when creating and hosting events on what that feels like for customers.

A founder quote

“Having fun is what makes life good. It’s what gets us looking forward to more, and it’s what everybody could use more of.”

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