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QPage-Recruiting Platform For‍talent-led Businesses

What is QPage?

The company's vision is to democratize recruitment by providing enterprise resources for Talent-led SMEs to hire 10x faster and more accurately. It covers whatever you need from lead generation to hire and multi-channel nurturing campaigns with customizable workflow automation using AI.

The Current Landscape

Hiring is huge but, that doesn't mean the problem is solved.

In the United States, there are more than 161 million people working and 15.7 million jobs open. This means that roughly one in 10 seats in your office are empty, and you're competing with everyone else for staff. The Great Resignation is still in full swing.

The new norm requires manpower either remote or on-site workers. Yet, with the growth of entrepreneurship, that is what the shift to remote work is meant to accelerate. So, the question is how to source, assess and hire the right one for the right seat faster than the competition?

The conventional hiring process is full of challenges, especially in a remote/work-from-home era such as extended hiring steps, shortage of interviewers, time, scheduling conflicts, etc. Traditional face-to-face interviews are not scalable anymore. Whether you deal with resumes, track the working time, or keep your eyes on your subordinates’ well-being — there’s an app for that. In today's world, the range of recruiting platforms available on the market is virtually ungraspable. You can quickly find 630 different applications yourself and who knows how many more have been built for companies’ internal purposes.

The answer lies in fast, all-in-one and flexible hiring. QPage streamlines the entire process in one simple and intuitive platform with no need for additional subscriptions or tie-ins between apps. From sourcing, and nurturing to psychometric assessments, video interviews and tops of more built-in features and products.

Company Birth Story

Failed at the Black Friday campaign due to failure in getting the company ready for the busiest days of the year. "We had to hire and onboard 500 new employees in 60 days in 11 departments and we only made it to 10%." - Pouya Lotfi.

Failing at fulfilling open positions even after pouring tons of money into different job boards, that might be your problem, but the business risk too.

After a careful analysis of the cause, they have found a few bottlenecks within their recruiting process such as

  • In the course of this period, many potential candidates were hired somewhere else because they were unaware of their status in our hiring pipelines.

  • Insufficient shortlisting automation led to Useless interviews with many lower qualified candidates.

  • Disconnected data points within the different software applications to provide a holistic view of the recruiting process.

  • Low-quality sourcing and lead generation.

  • Lack of sufficient potential candidate pools to recall.

Pouya found the same pain in other ventures by sharing their failure root causes. He was set for a new mission, and the rest is history!

The Solution

The biggest shift in Rectech ecosystem is visible in how the process works. Recruiters are surfing beyond the borders, looking for top talents, and looking for active candidates are just a little universe of potential candidates. They look for passive candidates, those who are doing great in their job at the moment. Besides, concerning the barrage of applications available, each and every software is required to integrate into CRM and ATS platforms to provide a consistent flow of information. Passive candidate searches have become more popular due to the high cost of job boards, and the faster and higher reliability of the candidates.

QPage now offers sourcing, nurturing, shortlisting, evaluating, and assessing within customizable workflow automation.

The team is committed to excelling AI solutions to deliver a better recruiting experience for both hiring teams and candidates by providing options, insights and automation.

The company has raised a pre-seed fund, serving more than 2,500 SMEs and listed as top 500 fastest growing startups in 2021.

A Customer Story

"We were looking for a decent AI-powered Recruiting platform to help us recruit at a massive scale and discovered QPage. End of story- We're hooked." Mansou said- one of the company's early adopters.

The Team Culture

Culture A great deal of your fulfillment at any company is determined by the extent to which the values of the people and the organization align with your own.

It’s hard to assess culture from the outside and most companies are not good at describing their own nature. (How do fish describe water?) The team stuck together by values and the progress they made at both the human level and the team.

Imagine what today's world would be like if people sat in the right seats? If that isn't a big enough problem, what is?

QPage Core team values

1. Customer is the king

2. Sense of urgency

3. Is it for the benefit of QPage and its customers

4. Sense of ownership

5. Getting Things Done

6. Pending Job List

7. Take Extra Mile

8. Mid-term Report

9. Productivity - ROI based Decision

10. Clear Definition of Work - Management by Objective

A Founder Quote

"What we're trying to replace is people's instincts with insights as an option while connecting the result to other evaluation factors. " Pouya said

He continues "We present the AI comprehension and takeaways from the candidates and let the recruiter make the call. As a result, it is they, as humans, who make the final decision. And I believe it is one of the most effective ways to engage an AI assistant to support you."

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