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ProFitX Is Changing The Game of Basketball, One Prediction at a Time

What the Company Does

ProFitX offers a revolutionary way to better understand the real-time predictive performance and financial value of athletes. The company’s NBA Athledex delivers insights and analysis into the athlete and team dynamic of more than 450 NBA players. By combining Artificial Intelligence with over 20 customized time series and visual models, widgets, and displays, ProFitX’s software delivers performance intelligence in real-time, minimizes the risk in the decision- making process for players and teams, and creates a significant competitive advantage for its users.

The Current Landscape

Prior to ProFitX, there did not exist an all-in-one tool that could adequately and efficiently produce the necessary information to keep up with the speed and growth of the NBA. The key to ProFitX’s technology is its neutral baseline comparison which allows for a projection that fully accounts for the athlete’s entire career.

Company Background

The idea for ProFitX began while founder Josh Ebrahim was working as an NBA agent. While engaging in contract negotiations with teams, Josh wondered if there was a more efficient way to produce the real-time and projected performance value of his clients. But as Josh regularly encountered the same problems, and remained unable to access the necessary data, he realized he was onto something bigger and began sketching out a potential solution.

Soon thereafter, Ebrahim had the beginnings of a software plan that would revolutionize the sport and provide the opportunity for athletes to maximize their playing potential and career longevity.

After launching ProFitX, Ebrahim spent over three years researching and developing software that could generate the performance and financial information that was missing in the industry. Following beta testing the first iteration of the software, ESPN NBA Insider Bobby Marks joined the company’s Board of Directors. A few months later, the Dallas Mavericks signed a multi-year sports performance deal with ProFitX and introduced the software to the front office experience. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban shared his take on ProFitX, saying, “advanced technologies will provide us with the tools that allow us to gain a significant competitive advantage.

Since the Mavericks deal, ProFitX continues to built an ever-growing roster of partners and sponsorships.

The Solution

ProFitX offers two main products—the NBA Athledex and the Sports Probability Platform (SPP). Both products are one-of-a-kind; unlike anything currently on the market.

The Athledex is an enterprise package that consists of a database housing over 450 active NBA athletes. It acts as an essential tool for athletes, agents, and teams that want critical insights and analysis into athlete performance and financial information. This product has 20 models that delve into the Player DNA, Team Dynamic, Contract Analysis, Performance Trajectory, and Player Development. Individually and collectively, these features provide users with the most up-to-date performance and financial information on the market. Over the last three years, ProFitX’s software has generated 163 NBA contract reports with substantial accuracy and will continue to impact on the future of roster construction within sports.

The Sports Profitability Platform is a consumer product and allows users to be closer to data analytics than ever before. This AI-powered predictive outcome platform allows users to gain insights into player performance projections, live game analysis, injury reports, and salary converters that can be configured to your choice of salary cap regulations. This tool has been back-tested over the last ten years with over 450,000 NBA games. Even more noteworthy is the accuracy probability within the index, which currently stands at 66 - 68% for pre-match and 70 - 90% for live probability outcomes.

A Customer Story

Ebrahim has served as a professor at Monroe College since 2017 and has taught numerous courses within the School of Business and Accounting. Once ProFitX was up and running, the school and Josh came together and forged a corporate partner that has already impacted the lives of students.

Since the partnership’s inception, ProFitX has been a featured panel at their Business, Accounting, and Information Technology Conference, offers internship opportunities for students and will award its first two ProFitX Extraordinary Scholar Awards this fall. Being able to provide students with the unique experience to explore the business side of sports analytics has been an amazing opportunity for the company.

The Team Culture

At ProFitX, leadership abides by one simple value: work hard and good things will happen.

Malcolm Oliver II runs the business’s operations, and as a growing company, ProFitX is trying to reach profitability as quickly as possible. The team buys into the mission of providing transparency and democratizing key information to the public to enhance the general scope of sports—and that requires everyone to do their part.

Founder Quote

“This is the future of roster construction in all professional sports. Teams need to be strategic with how they construct rosters to pursue championships, and athletes want to maximize their financial potential during their career.” Joshua Ebrahim (Founder/CEO)

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