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What the does

The idea behind is simple - provide every person in the world with a passive income source. The app users can make money by completing surveys and sharing their internet connection.

The Current Landscape

While survey and internet-sharing apps have existed for some time, none of them combines these two income sources in a single app. Most importantly, they are exclusively available only to individuals in specific regions. is the first truly global app that allows users to earn cash, cryptocurrencies, or gift cards regardless of their location.

Company Birth Story started its journey as IPRoyal Pawns. The founder of IPRoyal, Karolis Toleikis, wanted to create a global money-making app. In his own words, "While working on another project, I noticed that many people were looking for ways to earn money alongside their regular job. That's how the idea of came to life. It's a solution that doesn't require the users to have any qualifications, knowledge, or skills to make money. Anyone can join - the only requirement is to have a phone and an internet connection!"

This turned out to be a winning combination. The app's adoption rate was incredible, with the number of users tripling in just a year to the current 1.9 million.

The Solution

Internet sharing is available to users worldwide. Everyone can participate, and everyone gets paid the same regardless of where they're located. added the Survey feature earlier this year. While it's not available globally, they're adding new locations on a regular basis. The app is available on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The goal of is simple - helping people everywhere have a happier life by earning extra passive income on their own time. In the words of Mr. Toleikis, "We strive to offer new and exciting earning opportunities for our users and make a positive impact more than anything else. Our app is a reliable side income source, so it can mean a lot to people in these uncertain times. By growing together with our user base, we want to provide a much more fulfilling life for people in every corner of the world."

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