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Packhelp - a leader in bespoke and sustainable packaging

What the company does?

Packhelp is a Warsaw-based startup that has been riding the boom in e-commerce and on-demand delivery to make it easier for big and small brands to source and implement customised yet sustainable packaging.

The Current Landscape

Sustainable packaging is of growing importance to customers, as two-thirds (67%) consider it important that the products they buy are in recyclable packaging and 83% of younger customers are even willing to pay more for a product with sustainable packaging. It’s extremely important to lead by example and take an ambitious approach to tracking and measuring environmental footprint.

Company Birth Story

The company was set up by a group of friends who faced the problem of ordering customised packaging. Since the beginning, the startup focuses on small minimum orders, short production time, and customer service.

The Solution

Since being founded back in 2015, Packhelp has attracted more than 53,000 customers across 30 countries. Packhelp’s minimum order is just 30 boxes so it’s able to serve microbrands like Etsy creators or eCommerce platform sellers as they scale — in addition to larger enterprises like on-demand food delivery giants.

Though its business currently skews heavily towards expanding its sustainable packaging portfolio, helping smaller brands improve their image and add value is still a core value. This year, the startup has democratized access to the FSC® certificate by automating the process in their Online Creator and getting it certified by an authorised FSC certification body. In order to pave the way for consumers to make fully aware choices, Packhelp decided to partner with Inspired Corporate Responsibility to conduct in-depth carbon and water footprint calculations of its products. The startup also invited its suppliers to come along on this journey with them.

A Customer Story

“Packaging represents a key piece in the sustainable puzzle, especially living in an online era. We adore working with Packhelp because it took us a long time to find a company that would align with our ethical values and also that we could afford as a small company”, says Vegan Bunny one of Packhelp's clients.

The Team Culture

This year, the startup debuted in the Escape 100 ranking - the list represents the organisations that are leading the way in putting their people and our planet on a par with profit. According to an internal pulse survey, as much as 50% of Packhelp employees declare themselves as eco-enthusiasts. Looking at the employees' perspective, the startup is heading in the right direction.

A founder quote

If done right, we will become not only an important element of the commerce ecosystem but also a potential leader of something much bigger - a world-changing shift to sustainable solutions. By reshaping our process and introducing new products and services, we can make it easier for brands and suppliers to transition towards more environmentally friendly packaging. - comments company’s CEO Wojciech Sadowski.

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