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OWL - Donate to charities who actually need it

What OWL does

OWL is a trusted website which allows donors to access charities around the world which have been verified as credible through a diligent onboarding process which checks charity overheads and operations ensuring all donations are going to the cause not the charity and its directors.

The Current Landscape

Research shows the general consensus towards donating is negative within the industry. Most donors have reported losing faith as to where their “hard earned dollar” would end up, citing “mis use of funding” and an over allocation of “fees and wages” which ultimately resulted in the cause itself losing out. People are afraid to donate.

Company Birth Story

OWL founder Rebecca Moore grew up in a lower-class suburb in New Zealand known as “nappy valley” through hardship and poverty, it was here her core morals were formed and followed her into adulthood. Due to her un wavering moral compass she was often in trouble within the corporate world, her passion often misunderstood. This same passion has driven her to start up OWL.

Now as a mother, business women and investor she is building her “legacy project” an NGO which will reach millions of foundations helping people, animals, the environment and underwater conservation.

The Solution

OWL is a website which opens up and provides access to charities across the world via a map platform visually showing donors verified and credible foundations and where they are located. Donors can donate directly through OWL to the charity.

There is currently no competitors in this space and OWL plans to re educate the world on social responsibility. If every person could donate $1 per week this would drastically change the current climate.

Whilst we are still in the infancy stages the response from charities has been overwhelming, we are currently in the process of verifying then uploading all charities ready for donations followed by seed funding which will be used primarily for marketing and re educating. Think De Beers marketing campaign, if they can place value on a common rock then surely, we can educate people on the value of saving someone’s life?

A founder quote

Someone once said to me “You can’t change the world” I responded “I’m going to give it a good crack while I’m here” Read The Alchemist – Find your life path.


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