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One-Stop AI Ads Platform Making Content Management 10x Faster

What AdsgencyAI does

Generative AI models empowered omnichannel management for creative ads allowing businesses to maximize their ROI.

The Current Landscape

AI-powered ad marketing is a rapidly growing field, with new advancements and innovations happening all the time. Many companies are using AI to enhance their marketing efforts, including personalized advertising, automated content creation, and predictive analytics.

It’s a heavy market as everyone is racing to leverage AI. There’s products like MidJourney, Dall-E, RunwayML, Hey Gen, and more, but they are passionately determined to continue iterating on our product which is already helping 1000s of users.

AdsgencyAI s Birth Story

As a marketer, he've always faced the challenge of creating ads that truly resonate with my target audience while maximizing ad spend efficiency. That's why my team and he have been tirelessly working on a solution that addresses this pain point head-on. They have seen small medium businesses spending hundreds of thousands every year working with numerous agencies trying to find the most cost-efficient marketing strategies with high ROIs. With their product, this can all be done automatically with promising results.

When he worked at AWS, he have seen global marketers spending 80k per month on using 3P services and millions of dollars every week on ads and creatives with a very bare minimum return less than 3%.

The Solution

A deeper dive on what the company is building, how it differs from competitors, success so far, and company vision

AdsGency AI offers a localized end-to-end solution for small and medium businesses to plan, create, manage, and optimize their ad campaigns with the power of AI. Just like an ad agency!

With simple text and clicks, businesses can use our generative-AI empowered software to conduct market research, plan and budget advertising, generate content, and coordinate multichannel marketing campaigns.

A founder quote

"Success is not just about having a great idea, but also having the persistence and determination to turn that idea into reality." - [Xinran Liu], founder and CEO of [AdsGency AI]

The Team Culture

At AdsGency AI, we believe in cultivating a culture of collaboration, innovation, and excellence. We value open communication, mutual respect, and a strong work ethic. We embrace challenges and believe that failure is an opportunity to learn and grow. We strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone can bring their unique perspectives and ideas to the table. Together, we will build a culture of excellence that inspires us to achieve great things.

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