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What EYURS does

EYURS is an online marketplace offering Korean skincare products. The company was founded by a couple, Eric and Annie Yu in 2022 and is based in Los Angeles, USA. They provide authentic Korean skincare products at the most affordable prices. Their goal is to become a one-stop shop for all your K-beauty needs.

The Current Landscape

The Korean skincare industry has evolved in recent years. Korean skincare is a broad market in Korea, but it is not exceedingly popular in Western countries. With the help of social media and the recent opening of the TikTok Shop in the US, Korean skincare has become a rising industry. More people are noticing Korean skincare products, and they are starting to recognize that consumers do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on skincare sets to have healthy and good-looking skin.

There are a couple of big competitors in the Korean skincare industry. Olive Young has a store at the corner of every street in Korea, and they are quickly expanding their reach into the US market. StyleKorean, a B2B and B2C distributor and wholesaler, not only dominates the B2C industry but also has warehouses in Santa Fe, California. They have become a known wholesale supplier to small businesses. YesStyle, a known and leading competitor in Asia in the Korean skincare industry, has fifteen million visitors a month on its website. Stylevana is known for its unbeatable prices.

Company Birth Story

EYURS was established in 2022. In the early years, Annie, the wife of the business owner, was suffering from acne for years, and she had tried various facial treatments and skincare products. However, she did not notice any changes to her skin until she started using Korean skincare products. Her acne started to clear up gradually. Korean skincare products are not very accessible in the US. Most Korean skincare products are purchased from an overseas online retailer. Because they are shipped from overseas, it can take more than a month to receive the products. Therefore, Eric and Annie had the idea to start a Korean skincare shop in the US, envisioning Korean skincare products to be more accessible to customers in this country.

The Solution

At EYURS, there is a great selection of hand-picked selection of Korean beauty products for customers to choose from. Their goal is to sell top-quality products, not products that are simply trending on the internet. EYURS has reached a huge milestone due to the recent launch of TikTok Shop, where we received over 40,000 orders in just three months. In the upcoming years, in-store and online shopping will slowly phase out, and live-stream purchasing will become the future of retail. EYURS’ operating model will continue to change in this evolving retail industry.

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