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No More Team Friction. Just Meaningful Connection & Productive Collaboration, Finally!

What Humantelligence does

Humantelligence is a Future of Work SaaS company that improves email communication, meeting effectiveness, and team collaboration. It's an AI-driven plug-in that surfaces work style and behavioral insights across distributed workforces using MSFT Teams, Outlook, Gmail, Zoom, Slack, and Webex so people working in and across teams can collaborate better.

The Current Landscape

It’s currently a $30B market in the USA ($1-5 per user/mo., targeting 1.2M co’s in USA with & 1,000 emp.) Competitors include SurePeople, Rising Teams, Digital Attitude, Humu, and

No other tools, including competitors like, are applying AI to psychometric science. Meanwhile, current solutions are simply not fit for purpose. There’s no automation, no AI, no insertion of these insights into people’s workflows – where they need them most. People take their assessments, perhaps participate in a workshop, and then never use these insights again. It’s a waste of money.

Company Birth Story

Since 2016, Juan Luis Betancourt, a seasoned HR executive, and a team of 10 full-time employees have been building Humantelligence. The tool was born out of a need for deeper human connection as workforces have become more distributed than ever – partly a result of the pandemic. With remote and hybrid teams, human connection among team members has become harder to forge. Add in friction over email, where misunderstandings and misinterpretations abound, along with generational differences with teams, there’s a serious impact on a company’s culture, employee engagement and retention, and bottom line.

The Solution

The company has developed an AI-driven tool to help improve collaboration and team performance. A short survey enables users to start by assessing their behaviors, motivators, and ideal work energizers. From there, Humantelligence aggregates this data and creates a dashboard to help measure and understand each team member’s culture – and how they fit into their broader team or the company overall. Then we add AI.

Imagine writing an email. Humantelligence can see who you’re emailing and give you tips on how to most effectively communicate with them, based on their personality. The system will even re-write the email copy for you. If you’re setting up a meeting, Humantelligence will give you suggestions on how to structure the meeting for optimal outcomes. And the system even works in real- time during Microsoft Teams or Zoom meetings, giving users a better sense of how to engage each meeting participant. It’s changing the way people collaborate for the better.

A Customer Story

Humantelligence is currently deployed in major companies including Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages, United Healthcare, Honda, Baptist Health, and many more.

When the Latin American division of Coca-Cola, Arca Continental tried an AI-driven psychometric collaboration solution, they discovered about half of their people leveraged those solutions an average of 12 times monthly. The need was clear, and the company is benefiting from using AI for collaboration and relationship-building in this way.

“Humantelligence has created a more supportive and engaging environment for our people to develop and thrive. The software has delivered ROI by reducing turnover costs and boosting team productivity, while keeping our culture positioned for the future. It’s an investment that keeps paying dividends across the employee lifecycle,” said CHRO Denise Martinez.

A founder quote

“In an increasingly complex world of work, effective communication and collaboration can no longer remain dependent on in-person interactions. We know it’s important for human resource, technology leaders and managers to empower employees with the kind of tools that enable more effective collaboration and team performance." “These tools should be designed to fast-track belonging for new hires, increase human connection and emotional intelligence for leaders and employees, and build teams based on inclusive communication. The goal is to make every moment of interaction between employees valuable. When individuals are seen, heard, and valued, employees become more deeply engaged and performance increases – it’s a win-win for everyone,” said CEO and founder Juan Betancourt.

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