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Nikita Karizma celebrates uniqueness with fashion

What is Nikita Karizma?

Nikita Karizma is a fashion designer and label. They create pieces for women to feel beautiful, confident and special from within to empower them to share their positive voice to the world & celebrate their uniqueness through their personal appearances, authentic self & meaningful stories.

Current industry landscape

The pandemic has caused a disruption in the fashion industry. We have been carefully navigating testing times, from isolations and lockdowns, to preparing for life after the pandemic.

The creation of the company

Nikita Karizma started the company with a £2000 order from Little Mix after graduating from the pieces she produced at London College of Fashion. The brand began as the celebrities in London would request clothes from the young designer for their precious popular culture moments where she would work closely with the artist and influencer. The requests grew to custom commissioned projects and later into the namesake ready to wear Label Nikita Karizma, her label grew organically out of the London scene, with no loans or debts to date.

Nikita Karizma's success

Nikita Karizma are currently designing their first bought office. Highlights of the founders fashion journey include dressing Paris Hilton for her music video with Kim Kardashian West. Her first press request was by Lady Gaga during her university studies before her work was due for examination, a few years later she dressed Lady Gaga for the meaningful launch of her book 'Channel Kindness'. Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Fergie, Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera are some of the most influential celebrities that wear Nikita Karizma.

How the company makes an impact

The company donates a percentage of profits to many charities worldwide, including local organisations helping end homelessness, hunger and domestic violence in the cities she travels to, giving back to communities and helping to uplift the consciousness of humanity. They recently launched a campaign to plant 1 Million trees with Love Peace Harmony Foundation with an Instagram Filter to promote the project. The studio donated 20,000 face masks to help local charities, homeless shelters, care homes and schools during the pandemic. On a trip to Thailand Nikita & her family visited a Buddhist nunnery run by Mae Chee Sansanee & sixty female nuns that they will continue to support. Nikita launched her studios Zero-Waste project in 2021 taking dead stock & waste fabric scraps distributing them to students, young designers & up-cycling them into tote bags to donate to foster children in the UK.

About the team

Nikita Karizma has a diverse team, based in the UK. Nikita likes diversity in her team, it gives them fresh perspectives from different backgrounds. They also have two dogs in the office.

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