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Mosaic - Making Mobile Mapping Hardware that Checks All the Boxes

What the company does?

Mosaic builds 360-degree mobile mapping cameras, the most robust and highest resolution in the world. High resolution images (preferably in 360-degree view) are required in many industries, such as street view mobile mapping, surveying, infrastructure and road maintenance.

The Current Landscape

Until recently, customers in these sectors has to choose the lesser of these evils:​​

- super precise (cm-level) locational accuracy but very poor visual (resolution) precision

- ‘home-made’ devices which might have given good image data but had none of the workflow required to easily and quickly move that data to GIS software where it was needed.

- consumer products that fall more into the VR or photography fields and which are not built for mobile mapping purposes (e.g. should NOT be on top of a vehicle, can't handle rain, dust, or hot temperatures) - expensive mobile mapping companies who collect the data for you but charge you an arm and a leg to lease that data to you and oftentimes force you to use their software, another cost.

examples: Ladybug 5 (not updated, poor resolution), Insta360(consumer good), Cyclomedia (expensive, own data), NCTech (breaks a lot)

Company Birth Story

Mosaic CEO and founder Jeffrey Martin noticed this gap in the market, this lack of high resolution images for mobile mapping, with a device that is robust and easy to manage, both during data capture and when processing the data.

And so Mosaic was born.

The Solution

The feedback from users has been a unanimous "FINALLY!!!!! a camera that produces high resolution images!"

Not only are Mosaic cameras creating the necessary data for the reasons listed above, but they are also able to create some incredible 3D models of whole roads, town squares and even full towns, in a fraction of the time it takes normal solutions to do so - and at a much kinder price point.

Mosaic foresees this revolutionizing the way VFX and film and gaming companies create 3D assets.

A founder quote

Jeffrey Martin (CEO and founder) on why he designed the product as he did:

‘..... either you have a device which is easy, convenient and pleasant to use or a device that makes you want to pull your hair out. We tried to make something that is a pleasure to use.”

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