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MoreWithUs: The Future of Employment

What the company does?

MoreWithUs - Everyday Jobs is a startup dedicated to giving jobseekers the power to market themselves while also giving employers easy access to qualified candidates.

The Current Landscape

Currently, students with less experience or education struggle to find jobs on traditional job sites such as LinkedIn or Indeed. Smaller businesses who cannot afford to spend a large amount on marketing also struggle to gain employees. MoreWithUs aims to help both of these groups, thus there is no direct competitor to MoreWithUs.

Company Birth Story

MoreWithUs was born from a key realization that both jobseekers and businesses waste a large amount of time and money looking for each other. The businesses need the workers just as much as the workers need the business, so it would be beneficial to have a site which can let both of these groups discover and interact with each other.

The Solution

MoreWithUs is different from a lot of the other big job marketing sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. Unlike them, this site includes groups such as students in high- school/early college who may not have the most impressive resumes and businesses who may just be starting out. The goal is to help these groups who are often ignored. On other sites, some of these less experienced students do not get much out of their time because no one is interested in them; however, at MoreWithUs, the dream is to create a community where all jobseekers and businesses can find what they are looking for.

A Customer Story

One of our proud customers, Brian Mclaughlin, notes, “I wanted to find a way that I could advertise myself to employers without having to send out a ton of applications. MoreWithUs was perfect because I could set up my profile in minutes and immediately start getting my name and credentials to businesses. This is especially useful for high school and college students who need a part time job because it is very easy to use and saves a ton of time because the employers come to you!”.

The Team Culture

The team culture is very diverse. The team consists of technical leads, marketing staff, the co-founders, and many more. Overall, the team values hard work and determination the most. As a startup, it is often hard to succeed when matched against multi- millionaire organizations who can spend a fortune on ads. As such, it is important to always take small steps and improve slowly. The team believes that as long as they keep improving, no matter how slowly, they will eventually succeed. MoreWithUs believes that this idea will be successful because people will always be searching for jobs, so the company which can make the job-search process the simplest will attract everyone.

A founder quote

As our co-founder, Amadu Bah, often says, "What we do is simple—we connect job seekers with employers, and then let them communicate directly in a time efficient and cost effective way.”

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