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Military Man Leads the Masses to Financial Freedom


Empower the consumer to use the law to make drastic positive changes in their lives.

The Current Landscape

Currently they have seen several consumer reporting agencies and banks come under fire for unlawful practices such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Equifax just to name a few. Many news outlets have showcased these harmful practices on the American public. What makes Mr. Delevante stand out from the crowd, such as The Credit Brothers, Dave Ramsey and Whiteboard Finance, is his approachable and accessible community and real time answers to his clients transgressions.

Company Birth Story

The seed for Consumer Law Secrets, LLC was planted for Daraine Delevante during his deployment in 2020 when he read over 140 books. He had a vision for marginalised communities to be educated about their ability to fight back against predatory institutions and business practices, which were making financial freedom out of reach. In 2022, he asked two friends, Abir Chermiti and Nichelle Marsh, to launch a bootstrap online campaign. Within a few months, they were able to generate $100,000 from online sales.

The Solution

Presently, the business has had steady success from Consumer Law Secrets University, which is a community which engages in online and offline education surrounding Consumer Law. There is also a library of dozens Mr. Delevante recently released his very own software which is an unprecedented resource for individuals and business owners to harness the power of artificial intelligence with their credit reporting.

Vision: They exist to empower consumers across the United States to interpret and regain their power by becoming educated consumers and in doing so, they help everyday consumers and business owners become their own credit heroes, through consumer law education.

A Customer Story

“Been watching him on YouTube for months. I am a fan and a big believer in what he’s doing for consumers all across the country. Y’all should follow him!” -Kamani Allen Washington

“Learning consumer law is the ammunition we all need. I am sitting on an 806 FICO with 9% utilization!!! 850 FICO is just around the corner!” - E. Flex

The Team Culture

Haydee L. Powell Entrepreneur, Mindset Coach, and Mom-preneur based in New York, USA. She empowers individuals to grow their mindset and business, particularly inspiring mothers to become mom- preneurs.

Ms. Haydee Powell, VP

Nichellee Marsh is also Brand & Business strategist known for her expertise in helping small business owners develop their brands and increase their revenue through creative designing, branding, system development, and digital marketing.

Mrs. Nichelle Marsh, COO

Abir Chermiti has a strong educational background, with a degree in Computer Software Engineering from the Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology of Sousse (ISSAT Sousse) and a certification in Strategy Execution from Harvard Business School.

Ms. Abir Chermiti, CTO

A founder quote

“Your Greatest investment you will ever make is an investment in yourself! You are your greatest asset.” -Daraine Delevante

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