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Mailbutler: The Email Extension That Revolutionizes Your Inbox

What Is Mailbutler?

Mailbutler is an email extension designed to help freelancers, solopreneurs, and small business owners optimize their day-to-day business and personal email communication. Mailbutler comes with an impressive set of features, including advanced email tracking, pre-made email templates and signatures, email scheduling, email snooze, undo send, and follow-up reminders. Each of these features makes inbox management so much easier and more effective. It’s still your inbox, but smarter!

The Current Landscape

Although there are many email plugins for Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail currently on the market, none of them is as generous as Mailbutler in terms of features and options. In addition to this, Mailbutler’s founders develop their ideas in collaboration with their customers, asking them what kind of changes they would benefit from most.

Mailbutler’s Birth Story

Mailbutler is the brainchild of Fabian and Tobias. They met at the RWTH Innovation Entrepreneurship Center in Aachen back in 2015. Being an active user of Apple Mail during his Ph.D. studies, Fabian realized the email client had many weaknesses, such as the lack of attachment reminders. This is what inspired him to start focusing on email plugins and consider starting his own company. Tobias recognized the potential of email extensions right away, and so they founded Feingeist Software GmbH (Mailbutler’s original name) soon after that.

The Solution

Mailbutler is an email plugin designed to make your inbox smarter and, as a result, help you save valuable time and boost your productivity. It integrates directly into your email client (Apple Mail, Gmail, or Outlook), meaning you don’t need to learn any new software to start using it. Mailbutler also integrates with a number of popular collaboration apps, including Jira, Trello, Microsoft To Do, and Asana.

Mailbutler sends you realtime notifications when your recipients open your emails and click on the links you’ve included. It also allows you to see where your recipients were and what device they used to open your message. Additionally, Mailbutler allows you to schedule your emails, recall a sent email, add notes and tasks to your contacts, and set follow-up reminders so you don’t miss out on any business opportunity.

A Customer Story

Today, Mailbutler helps over 100,000 professionals from all around the globe manage their inboxes in a time-efficient way. Mailbutler has received a lot of great feedback from its customers, including this candid review from consultant Craig Bowman:

“I’ve been using Mailbutler since at least 2017 and it has become a critical part of my workflow. I am one of those people who really hates seeing messages linger in my email inbox. Mailbutler helps me manage those messages on a schedule that works for me.”

The Team Culture

Seven years after its inception, Mailbutler is up and running thanks to the combined efforts of more than 25 professionals from all over the world. The ‘secret sauce’ that powers the success of Mailbutler’s team is the freedom and flexibility to work however they want.

At Mailbutler, each team member is an expert in their particular field, but they’re also highly encouraged to take on responsibilities and tasks that aren’t necessarily directly linked to their area of specialty. This promotes adaptability and helps them foster a growth mindset.

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