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Live the comfortable life with Bloomers Intimates

What Are Bloomers Intimates?

Bloomers Intimates are a line of high-waisted, sexy and comfortable lace panties created by mother-daughter team award-winning tech entrepreneur Dr. Shaula Yemini and digital marketing expert Noa Arias.

Current Industry Landscape

According to recent reports, underwear makes up six percent of womenswear products currently retailing across the U.S. and U.K. markets combined. This may seem small but on a global scale lingerie is expected to hit $250 billion by 2022, according to Allied Market Research, making that six percent worth owning.

And, thanks to Covid, comfort now rules supreme. In fact, high-waist, full-coverage briefs outsold hipster styles by 225 percent over the past three months. But that doesn’t mean women want “granny panties.” The same report indicated that female shoppers were still looking for pretty, sexy panties when it came to their comfort choices.

Establishing The Company

Recognizing the void in the market for sexy yet comfortable panties, award-winning tech entrepreneur Dr. Shaula Yemini and her digital marketing expert daughter Noa Arias decided to fill this need. Together, they launched Bloomers Intimates with one mission in mind – to become the premiere line of sophisticated comfortable panties for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

What Makes Bloomers Intimates Unique & What Does The Future Look Like?

Bloomers Intimates is unique in that it offers full-coverage lace panties without sacrificing comfort for style. Prior to its launch, women were forced to choose between outdated granny panties or skimpy panties that rode up and down, causing uncomfortable “wedgies,” or showing panty lines. Bloomers Intimates developed a novel design using four-way stretch lace to solve that problem.

They’ve been experiencing rapid growth through digital marketing and social media as well as PR efforts that they’ve recently started. And, because they pride themselves on being an all-inclusive brand, they are proud to have launched their Bloomers in sizes XS-XXL and in four colors.

The Company Impact

Since their launch, Bloomers Intimates has received countless testimonials with customers raving about how the panties have boosted their self-confidence, made them feel sexier and given them the coverage they need for all-day wear. One shopper, in particular, shared how Bloomers were her go-to after having her C-section:

“I'm so in love with Her Highness Bloomers. First of all, let's talk about the lace. The lace is so beautiful and is very flattering on me. The material is so soft and is very comfortable to wear. After having a C-section, bikini panties have been very uncomfortable to wear due to my surgical scar. I found wearing Her Highness Bloomers are very supportive after having a C-section and give me the support that I need. Plus, I have NO muffin top!! But what I LOVE the most is it doesn't give me a wedgie!! SOUND THE ALARM. I'm officially TEAM BLOOMERS‼️” – Tina R.

About The Team

The Bloomers Intimates leadership team comprises Dr. Shaula Yemini, who serves as the company’s head of product, and her daughter Noa Arias, who is the head of marketing. They are complemented by several experienced lingerie experts who offer unique domain expertise, having been in the business for decades. The founders say that the dynamics of a mother-daughter collaboration are uniquely satisfying, making a normally close relationship even closer, despite an occasional disagreement.

While they think alike, Shaula has decades of business expertise to share with her daughter, but in an entirely different domain – software technology. Noa has years of luxury and brand marketing experience, bringing her mother up to speed on the world of brand marketing and the modern-day strategies of social media marketing, digital advertising, the power of influencers and other. Both mother and daughter are workaholics and perfectionists driven to make Bloomers a success.

“When my mom first approached me with her idea, I laughed it off,” said Noa Arias, co-founder and head of marketing at Bloomers Intimates. “But after performing some market research, we realized there was a definite need for full-coverage underwear that’s also chic – for women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Today, as we see our company succeed and experience the joy that our product brings our customers, I know that we’ve made the right business decision. Not only for us as a company but us as a family.”

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