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Legal-Eagles Fight With Paper to Get You the Justice You Deserve

What is Legal-Eagle?

The mission of Legal-Eagles is to bridge the gap between low-income and or incarcerated individuals who do not qualify for free legal services, however cannot afford high cost price gouging legal fees. From that perspective we offer a unique batch of legal, online, tax services.

The Current Landscape

For Legal-Eagle's clients there is a stigma and lack of professional services

available. They help them navigate the pitfalls of the criminal justice

system from beginning to end. Everyday tens of thousands of

individuals are released from prison or on parole, are homeless or

facing evictions,jobless and penniless. They assist them in obtaining

their Federal Cares act stimulus refunds, conduct lawsuits and

investigations on their behalf, aid.them in their court related and

government matters.

Company Birth Story

Legal-Eagles was founded by David G. Lusick after appearing on the

ABC news program "Inmates to Entrepeneurs". David took the

course after being released from prison in 2020 for a crime he did not

committ. The case is currently pending a review by the Philadelphia

Conviction Integrity unit. David has taken this hard fought experience

and became a certified paralegal. In 2021he started Legal-Eagles. The

company has expanded exponentially. He works hand in glove with

other attorney's, private investigators, paralegalsin some of the most

toughest cold cases.

The Solution

The company has amassed a large following in prison systems all

across the U.S. Legal Eagles has helped clients with early release,

obtaining parole,legal appeals,.financing and housing for re-entry.

They have represented non incarcerated clients in Landlord tenant

actions, divorces,.and trust cases. Legal Eagles has been successfully

in gathering new evidence claims for cold case files.

A Customer Story

One of their most proudest cases was Morrison v Renwick. You can

listen to the podcast and view Judge Roberts order and award of

$10,000 dollars to Brenda Morrison, a 72 yr old retired woman who

was caring for her bedridden son. Her slumlord started an illegal

eviction,cutting off vital utilities and tearing the door off the frame of

her room in the dead middle of winter. Her son Antonio passed away

during the incident.

The Team Culture

Legal Eagles has a team of friends and advocates consisting of

Channon Henry who is in charge of computer programming and Lisa

Maye Grant who is the tele communications director.

A Founder Quote

"All failures are just practice shots" is a quote David Lusick came up

with. It represents a story how Michael Jordan rendered one of the

worst performances in history during a three point competition.

Michael however developed other skills to make up for his

substandard three point shot. And likewise, for Legal-Eagles and their

clients, we make up for our lack of pastmistak s by developing

solutions for the future of our business and clients.

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