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Labfront: A digital Biomarker Company On a Mission to Fix healthcare

What is Labfront?

Labfront is disrupting academic health research through its code-free digital biomarker collection and analytics solution. It helps researchers capture and process the overwhelming amount of complex data that has recently become available with the explosive growth of wearable sensors. In short, it accelerates researchers’ path to findings and insights that have the potential to impact millions of lives around the world.

The Current Landscape

As consumer technology has progressed at a breakneck pace, the research ecosystem has lagged behind. Health researchers are often forced to invent methods or use multiple tools to help them collect the data, organize it into usable formats, and crunch the numbers into indicators that can be analyzed for the purpose of their study–a lengthy, onerous process.

While there are many companies that offer partial solutions, Labfront sets itself apart by offering a one-stop-shop for physiological and survey data collection, participant adherence management, and analysis support for academic researchers.

Company Birth Story

It all began when co-founders Jordan Masys and Chris Peng helped launch a successful emergency dispatch in Addis Ababa, one of Africa's fastest-growing capitals. This experience encouraged them to explore other, bigger ways that technology can have an impact in the realm of healthcare. Then, when a global pandemic hit and the majority of researchers were left scrambling to hack together solutions for remote and digital research, Masys and Peng knew exactly what was needed. They put all their efforts towards building out the ultimate research platform that combined remote data collection from wearables, participant management, and data analysis. Labfront was born.

The Solution

Through the development of close partnerships with state-of-the-art wearable device manufacturers like Garmin and Polar, Labfront helps broaden the biomarker data collection capabilities that are relevant to researchers. More importantly, they stay fully engaged with the scientific community so that they can continue to fine-tune their platform to the specific needs of their research goals.

Labfront’s data reporting and analysis empowers researchers to unlock hidden insights and gain a complete picture of their study participants. Many researchers from top institutions such as Stanford, Duke and MIT, have shared that they’ve been able to accelerate their research by months thanks to Labfront’s experienced team.

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