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Lab testing decentralized in Africa with Healthtracka

What is Healthtracka?

Healthtracka is a health-tech startup decentralizing lab testing in Africa with at-home lab testing and digital results. Healthtracka is bringing the lab to people’s doorstep.

What's happening in the industry

Healthcare in Africa post-pandemic has not remained the same. The importance of preventive healthcare, decentralization, and remote testing is even more critical now. Telehealth and digital health are playing critical roles in reducing the pressure on the already maxed out healthcare infrastructure in Africa. As the 4th wave of Covid - the omicron variant is rapidly spreading throughout the world. Africa health entrepreneurs are swinging into action to minimize the impact of this variant.

Healthtracka is part of the solution by bringing the lab to people’s doorstep with at-home testing. No risk of infection/reinfection at overcrowded hospitals/labs, No queues. Fast, convenient Covid tests at home.

The creation of Healthtracka

A few years ago founder of Healthtracka, Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson, got a call with the news that her dad had slumped and had been rushed to the hospital. For someone who was hardly ever sick, this was a shocker when her family learned that he had high blood pressure and diabetes which had resulted in a stroke. He passed away 2 years ago to a disease that could have been better managed if caught early. Similar to his case, millions of Africans are moving around their day-to-day activities with no idea of their pre-existing condition.

After the pandemic hit, Ifeoluwa knew she had to do something about it. There had to be a way to decentralize lab testing and make it convenient for people to test in the comfort of their homes. She called her now co-founder and started building, testing, and iterating. In May 2021, they launched Healthtracka. Users visit to book their lab tests. They have their sample collected at home and receive digital results in 24-48hrs. It is fast, private, and convenient.

The company vision

Healthtracka is leading the at-home lab testing revolution in Africa. The vision at Healthtracka is to bring the lab to the doorsteps of hundreds of millions of Africans, making health testing accessible for everyone on the continent. Customers book a lab test on, have their samples collected at home and get digital results in 48hours. Healthtracka launched about 7 months ago and already delivered over 2000 tests at home.

About the team

Healthtracka works with a team of phlebotomists across the country to take samples from the comfort of where customers call home.

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