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Kanaswap - The dApp Aggregator on Solana to Revolutionize the Blockchain Industry

What is Kanaswap?

Kanaswap is a recently founded startup looking to revolutionize the Blockchain industry. It’s a wallet and a dApp aggregator mobile app on the Solana and Neon blockchain networks.

Current Landscape

The use of blockchain has been booming over the past few years and it is expected to continue to have exponential growth in the near future. With such growth comes both great opportunity and a need for fast-paced innovation. Because of the soaring of blockchain, developers need to build, accelerating the growth of decentralized applications (dApps). As a result, the dApps market itself is expected to exceed $368 billion USD by 2027.

DApps allow users to own a fraction of the cryptocurrency-based liquidity as an investment running on blockchain in the form of tokens, coins, and NFTs creating a new wave and shift of users, creators, developers, and traders from industries like finance, art, and mobile applications.

In addition to this, Blockchain-based companies like Ethereum and Solana provide an ecosystem for developers to build dApps on the blockchain, enabling new DeFi and DEX platforms to develop their tokens and coins, giving birth to the world’s first sustainable token-based economy. The tokens directly represent the companies or the value of the product on which the product is based upon.

There is a trend of major Venture Capital investment funds focusing on decentralized finance and exchange technology in order to be a part of this growing industry. This is mainly due to the opportunities that are created from the use of the underlying technology, blockchain, which provides peer-to-peer networking over a decentralized public ledger for encryption-grade securities.

Kanaswap Story

Co-founded by Karthik Subramaniam and Parthasarathy Ramanujam, Kanaswap dApp serves as a DeFi and DEX platform for its users. The team behind the development has undertaken various projects in finance and technology over the past 20 years. Building Kanaswap was an exciting and challenging shift for the team, as it involved a transition path from a more traditional finance industry like stocks and FX to the new blockchain and decentralized form of finance and trading. Kanaswap embodies every aspect of traditional finance and showcases it to a new generation of users and the crypto community.

Deeper Dive into Kanaswap

Kanaswap is built to be fast, secure, and provide lower gas fees than other blockchain platforms. Users can buy, send, swap, and stake crypto assets, such as cryptocurrencies, tokens, and NFTs, with state-of-the-art decentralized financial technology, like Automated Market Makers (AMM) protocols. They can also become liquidity providers by staking their assets and earning rewards on their stake. Users can explore and interact with various protocols on Solana using the mobile platform, backed by a seamless and intuitive UI as well as strong security features.

Building Kanaswap was not an easy task, a lot of research and time has been put to use in choosing the right blockchain technology, deployment of smart-contracts, and adoption of new finance and trading protocols within the ecosystems. With the expertise of a strong product development team, Kanaswap has become a one-of-a-kind experience for decentralized finance. The company’s vision is to be able to develop and innovate new protocols, mechanisms, and eventually a marketplace in the field of DeFi and DEX, and showcase in the Kanaswap app. All these always keeping in mind that Kanaswap is a customer-centric company, therefore tailoring to their specific needs.

Company Culture

Kanaswap has embraced the culture and trends in the blockchain industry. As a startup Kanaswap is looking to build an open-minded, fun, and excellence-driven team. The team is a small yet diverse group of innovators, spread around the world and with different backgrounds, nationalities, and ethnic groups. Kanaswap is focusing on respect and inclusion to build a healthy work environment and internally reflect the heterogeneous community of the blockchain industry.

The company’s community is kept alive through social media platforms like Discord, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Followers and team members come together to share knowledge, open two-way communication channels, and encourage developers to give back to the blockchain ecosystem by doing the same as well.

Quote from the Founder

“We are thrilled to join the dApp industry with a product that will be a game-changer for both users and developers. We have poured a lot of love into this and we hope that the users see that love and they love it as much as we do.”

“Blockchain technology is speeding up the digital transformation and opens the doors to a world of opportunities and innovations. It has always been a dream for us to bring to life our ideas through a customer-centric product and not only are we finally doing so, but we’re doing it at a historical moment for technology. Seeing Kanaswap take shape has been a very rewarding experience and I have great expectations from the team behind Kanaswap that is making this possible.”

“We believe that our app will eventually become the go-to platform for the Solana and Neon community, both for users and developers, as we seek to aggregate the dApps and their respective user communities into a single platform. Here they will be able to interact with these dApps, and also share their experiences with the rest of the community, which will ultimately benefit everyone.”

  • CEO and co-founder, Karthik Subramaniam

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