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June Adaptive: Transforming Fashion for All Abilities

What June Adaptive does provides easy dressing clothing for people with disabilities and mobility challenges. It offers fashion solutions for those struggling with inaccessible buttons and zippers, as well as individuals recovering from medical treatments. The brand aims to create an inclusive experience for every level of ability.

June Adaptive's Current Landscape

Competitors would be Adaptive lines available in the US only, major retailers like Target, JC penny and Kohls.

Company Birth Story

June was not just a "cool" aunt to our founder, Wendy; she was a beloved sister, a trusted friend, and a dedicated medical professional who adored her cocker spaniel. However, an accident later in life left June with limited mobility in her arms and legs.

With a background in fashion, Wendy was determined to help June maintain her independence and dignity by finding clothing that was both stylish and functional. To Wendy's surprise, it was nearly impossible to find adaptive pieces that fit into June’s new everyday life.

As time went on, Wendy discovered that other family members had also developed mobility challenges and faced similar struggles in finding accessible fashion. This shared experience further ignited Wendy's passion to make a positive impact in the world of adaptive fashion.

Wendy was motivated to bring back the joy of fashion to individuals facing similar struggles. Thus, June Adaptive was born, with the goal to provide an inclusive shopping experience for every level of ability.

Wendy launched, a specialized platform dedicated to offering fashionable and functional clothing designed specifically for individuals with diverse abilities.

The Solution

June Adaptive, founded by Wendy Wong, is the first of its kind in Canada to be a multi-brand marketplace that offers contemporary adaptive clothing. Wendy's personal experience witnessing her family members struggle to find suitable clothing due to medical conditions like arthritis, paralysis, dementia, and multiple sclerosis fueled her drive to create a solution.

The styles available at are designed to appeal to anyone, with adaptive features that enhance functionality. From tops with a back overlap for easy slip-on without raising arms to zip- up shoes, anti-slip socks, and jewelry and clothing with magnetic closures, June Adaptive caters to diverse needs. For wheelchair users and those who spend extended periods seated, the company offers pants without back seams and pockets to prevent pressure sores.

June Adaptive's approach has garnered significant recognition. Featured in renowned publications like the Globe and Mail and supported by AMEX funding, the company has become trailblazers in the adaptive fashion industry. The impact it has made on the lives of its customers is evident through hundreds of 5-star reviews from families and people with disabilities, all sharing how they’ve improved their lives.

Wendy is proud to be a Chinese-Canadian female founder and first-generation immigrant from Hong Kong. Her unwavering dedication has led to exciting opportunities, including sponsorship by Shopify for participation in a New York popup shop and a BIPOC speaking engagement. Despite starting June Adaptive with just $200, Wendy's strategic approach ensured the company's profitability from day one.

June Adaptive is more than a fashion brand; it is a symbol of empowerment and inclusion. By offering stylish and functional adaptive clothing, the company has transformed the lives of individuals with disabilities, allowing them to express themselves through fashion without compromising comfort or accessibility. With Wendy Wong at the helm, June Adaptive serves as an inspiration for future businesswomen, demonstrating the power of resilience, determination, and the ability to create positive change.

The success of June Adaptive has been driven by its commitment to meeting the needs of its customers. With its focus on contemporary styles and adaptive features, June Adaptive is rewriting the rules of fashion, proving that inclusivity and style can coexist harmoniously.

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