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Introducing Communities Through Positive Video Endorsements

What the company does?

Vouch is an “all positive, all the time” video endorsement platform that highlights the best businesses in a local community. Think of Vouch as a video version of Google Reviews minus the negative content.

The Current Landscape

People want to know the best local businesses—hangouts, shops, restaurants, salons and more. With all of the available options, how does one ensure a good choice?

Many review platforms like Google, Tripadvisor or Yelp provide star ratings, but the quality of the reviews can be hard to trust and often fail to provide enough context around the attributes that make the business worth visiting. Popular platforms are saturated with content, requiring people to filter through an expanse of unrelated material, resulting in a frustrating experience.

Company Birth Story

Vouch was founded by a small team of people who saw the need for a positive way to highlight fantastic local businesses that are often overlooked or unnoticed. Motivated further by the stressors of the global pandemic, the team at Vouch has worked even harder to provide a simple way to promote and encourage these great businesses in towns all across the United States.

The Solution

Video endorsements are the key to the platform. With simple-to- follow prompts, their templatized method of capturing content provides ease of use and allows for consistency within the platform. These geo-tagged recommendations are then linked to endorser profile repositories where they can be shared to popular social platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or YouTube.

A Customer Story

The word “review” often sparks fear in the heart of a business owner, as many platforms seem to encourage shining a light on even the smallest subjective detail that may be askew from the reviewer’s perspective. Many fail to recognize that a business owner puts it all on the line–this is their livelihood. How they’re perceived in the community can have enormous impact.

In contrast, Vouch encourages exclusively positive content. The smile on a business owner's face is unmistakable when they see a positive endorsement from a loyal patron. This inspires businesses to keep up the good work for new and returning customers.

The Team Culture

The platform is truly an outgrowth of the core team culture. They are a group of dedicated individuals who believe deeply in positively impacting everything they touch. They have a strong desire to be a light in their communities. Vouch allows them to do just that!

A founder quote

“It’s my hope that the newly launched Vouch App will encourage and inspire users to shine a light on all the amazing hidden treasures in their communities.” Ted Williams, CEO, The Vouch App

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