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Inflation Training revolutionizes business planning for the future

What is Inflation Training?

Inflation Training provides unique inflation courses to help an individual and his company get ready for inflation and hyperinflation.

The current industry landscape

There are ZERO firms training people yet because nobody knows how to train others or get trained on inflation. "Buy gold" might be enough for people - but not firms are trying to do business at a crazy time. Almost every S&P 500 firm out there is reporting record persistent inflation - but nobody knows EXACTLY how to prepare for it.

Why the company was established

Founder Joel Ho was out meeting his best friend (during COVID, my ONLY in-person friend) in the parking lot in front of a Happy Lemon for bubble tea and came up with the idea. He, being a finance guy by training like myself, said "You should do totally do it." So 2 months ago, Joel finished up research and started condensing lessons from past examples of high inflation / hyperinflation around the world into a training course.

The company vision

Inflation Training is going to help individual firms get their employees ready for high persistent inflation. Joel literally launched it a couple weeks ago in response to the current market conditions so just getting started. The reason he did this is: People think of inflation as high prices. When it becomes hyperinflation - being ready is literally the difference between survival and starving. Plus, inflation training is AT LEAST as interesting as those corporate cybersecurity or random trainings available, if not more useful! Joel just wants to help everyone mitigate the biggest shock they will EVER have in their entire life - it's been a theme in his life. Joel previously created an electromagnetic pulse shield technology 95% cheaper than existing stuff, presented to high level nuclear forces generals (patent 9113550), competing as an individual against multi-billion dollar defense firms. He always wants to do what he can to help people protect themselves in any way possible.

About the founder

Being a finance person (he was laid off before he started working out of NYU at a firm in 2008 called Bear Stearns), Joel picked an area where he is his own team, to keep recurring costs down with a product that scales up regardless of how many users he will have. Joel knows how to do it courtesy of his time at IBM doing digital product management.

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