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Individualized communication technology solutions thanks to Voximplant

What is Voximplant?

Voximplant helps developers and product managers implement communications in apps of any scale, adjusting to the company’s exact needs through a single platform. It provides in-app voice, video and messaging communications, integration of telephony with natural speech recognition and generation, and more.

Current industry landscape

The increased number of various communication channels as well as the tougher competition made communication with customers more crucial than ever, encouraging businesses to transform and improve the ways they engage with customers. Now it’s no longer acceptable to have a bad customer experience as in this case your customers will turn to a competitor instead. Some of the most effective ways to engage with customers is to integrate communications right into your product, enhancing your contact center, and automating your operations with AI. However, this process is still challenging to handle, and Voximplant strives to solve this problem.

Voximplant Platform competes with tools from companies like Twilio, Vonage, and Agora.

Voximplant Kit competes with companies such as Genesys, Avaya, and Talkdesk.

The establishment of the company

Alexey Aylarov co-founded Voximplant in 2013 along with Sergey Poroshin (Head of Sales), and Andrey Kovalenko (CTO). Alexey has been extensively involved with VoIP systems as a developer since 2005. He realized that the frustration and difficulty he experienced while building communications tech was shared by other developers. Prior to Voximplant, Alexey worked with Andrey and Sergey to cofound a SIP-based VOIP calling service Flashphone and Zingaya. Zingaya focused on providing click-to-call services using their proprietary VoIP technology. Later he realized there’s a larger opportunity in building a unified voice and audio communication platform, which turned into Voximplant.

How Voximplant works

Currently the company offers two products: Voximplant Platform and Voximplant Kit. The Platform allows developers to build apps as simple or complex as they want and scale them as their business grows, and the Kit allows companies to build an omnichannel contact center through a combination of a no-code editor and conversational AI.

Voximplant Platform:

  • Voximplant Platform provides all the tools necessary for rapid development and deployment, including a single conferencing API for both voice and video.

  • The Platform offers the most flexible infrastructure with a hybrid approach to cover all possible compliance and tech requirements needs.

  • It’s a voice-first platform, providing the best voice capabilities in the industry in combination with integration to top notch AI engines: speech recognition can recognize 118 languages and dialects and speech synthesis with 150 voice options.

Voximplant Kit:

  • Voximplant Kit can automate 80% of routine calls with human-like voice experiences through AI.

  • Easy to use: Kit is the only no-code CCaaS solution with a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for non-technical personnel to build a complete contact center service in less than ten minutes, eliminating the lengthy delays and administrative overhead associated with competing CCaaS solutions.

  • It provides 248 unique speech synthesis options, built-in speech recognition options for 80 distinct languages and dialects, and natural language processing.

  • Best of breed AI automation: Kit offers flexibility to power your smart IVR with the top 6 AI engines in the world, eliminating trade-offs between CCaaS functionality and natural language service quality. Leveraging tight integrations with Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Tinkoff and Yandex, you can deliver accurate, high quality automated services in 40 languages.

  • Cost efficient: With 50% lower price than competing CCaaS offerings, Kit brings enterprise-grade services to price sensitive companies.

  • Truly omnichannel support: Out of the box support for voice, SMS, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, and more enable you to deliver services over your customer’s favorite social channels, plus easy web chat integration.

Voximplant caters to clients from all industries demanding mass communication, including banking, delivery and logistics, digital native startups, retail, and ecommerce. Its services are available in 190 countries and territories, and it has over 30,000 customers, including Hyundai, Burger King, KFC, Glovo, and Rappi. Voximplant’s platform processes more than 1 billion calls each year.

About the team

The core team (Alexey Aylarov, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Andrey Kovalenko, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Sergey Poroshin, co-founder and Head of Sales) has been developing communication technology solutions since 2005; in 2007 they developed the first web-based phone calls service Flashphone and pioneered Web telephony, then they cofounded Zingaya, a media server and later a click-to-call service, and then Voximplant.

Voximplant employs 240 people from different countries.

“With Voximplant, we strive to simplify the process of building communications tech and offer a tool that integrates communications right into your product, enhances your contact center, and automates your operations with AI,” says Alexey Aylarov, the founder and CEO of Voximplant. “Now Voximplant continues to grow, serving over 30,000 customers from all industries looking for communications services, and we are actively working on our global expansion to accelerate the growth in 2022.”

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