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How Zensors Helps Retailers Digitize the Real World with AI

What's Zensors?

Zensors is an AI platform that digitizes a replica of the physical world to visualize data and make real time decisions by using existing security cameras. In short, it enables google analytics for the real world.

The Current Landscape

With airports opening back up and retail locations struggling to compete with e-commerce, customer satisfaction has become more important than ever before. Customers expect physical experiences to be as customized and streamlined as online but our brick and mortar locations just aren't keeping up. While real world analytics is no new industry, it's normally extremely resource intensive and time consuming. Traditional people counting can only get you so far, and many physical analytics offerings require hardware fitouts of expensive specialty sensors. When we already have visual sensors - the security cameras we already use - why are we trying to add new sensors that we don't even know will work?

Company Birth Story

Born as a research project at Carnegie Mellon University's Human-Computer Interaction Institute, Zensors spun off in 2018 to go on to win numerous awards with its unique approach to analyzing images and video from normal cameras and turning it into actionable data. Since then, it's gone on to be a leading startup at YCombinator and is now working with major partners such as Sony, Pittsburg International Airport, and New Jersey Transit to win awards themselves.

The Solution

Unlike other platforms, Zensors works with virtually any existing camera, meaning there's no expensive hardware or extended setup to get advanced data analytics or deploy on scale. By running AI on existing security cameras to track data from line length, spills, or store region density, you can output data as real time displays, alerts, reports, or even API linked automations to other parts of your business. Users simply connect their cameras to the Zensors platform, draw a zone where they want to sense, and ask a simple english language question to immediately get the AI running.

A Customer Story

After Pittsburg International Airport utilized Zensors AI camera tech to decrease travel anxiety and increase customer satisfaction ratings by over 50% by displaying TSA checkpoint wait times accurate to the minute, NJ Transit followed suit to monitor passenger data such as ridership flow, wait times for trains, and even a station’s sanitation needs by detecting waste and notifying sanitation staff, winning them the NJ Alliance for Action Distinguished Engineering Award and gaining insurmountable amounts of data to improve operational efficiency and maximize their customer satisfaction.

A Founder Quote

With even bigger projects in the works, Zensors CEO Annurag Jain leaves us with a message, "Software is eating the world... and it's about to eat dedicated IoT hardware."

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